Ingestion of the Holy Grail | STAR
Ingestion of the Holy Grail | STAR
Ingestion of the Holy Grail | STAR
Ingestion of the Holy Grail | STAR

Ingestion of the Holy Grail | STAR

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The Holy Grail comes from a long bloodline of pure power that has been granted to every ancestor and descendant of Jesus, which there are many. No power given to each of these individuals is the same as one that already exists. They become the origin of a new power, which they can choose to pass on to others that they may deem worthy.

The line starts with King David who was blessed with the power of creation and full justice under God. As King David had eight wives, all of his wives and their children were granted abilities. He granted the ability of perfect recreation to his spouse Bathsheba who would ensure power to their sons Solomon, Shammua, Shobab and Nathan, which would be born as perfect beings. King David granted them all power. As Solomon was intended to be King David's successor, Solomon was given the power of complete control. He could never be betrayed and his reign would be immersed in fame for all the years to come after death.

Other children blessed by King David were Tamar, who received unrivaled beauty and full telepathy.

Shammua was given the ability to control fate so fate would never be against him.

Shobab was given the power of power of nullification. He could withstand any power or threat with ease. He could not be slain by anything deliberate. Only natural death or illness were the exception.

To Absalom, he received the ability of mastering of any and all fighting styles.

Nathan was given the ability to travel dimensions freely. He could take things and store things across dimensions as well, which is why he is responsible for being one of the first to intermingle realms.

From there, the power passes on in genes outside of positions of power. Only those who came to rule would be granted power upon succeeding the previous leader. Rehoboam, Solomon's son, was granted the ability of to gain the strength and spiritual strength of any animal he came in contact with.

Rehoboam's son and successor Abijah was granted the ability to destroy one's free will. He could influence and instill beliefs to any mass of people just by speaking to or making contact with them.

Asa was given the ability of purge, which is how he completely annihilated former religious beliefs and worship. He was also able to purge illness but the ability was stolen from him by his son Jehoshaphat, which caused him to grow ill and die from illness not too long later.

Jehoshaphat was given the ability of withdrawal, which allowed for him to take and preserve any form of power he desired. He used it to kill Asa.

Jehoram inherited Jehoshaphat's power but only a portion of what was inherited before he was born. Anything afterwards, he did not inherit. He was the first to be denied an original power and the next to carry only inklings of it down the bloodline.

Items of power were eventually created to preserve the essence of these abilities in their concentrated forms. Without the power being diluted from generation to generation, they weren't hindered with limitations. The Holy Grail was created as the only item to ever contain each of the powers created immediately upon creation, which links the abilities to God and preserves their sacred nature.

Anything that comes into contact with the Holy Grail becomes instilled with every one of the original abilities in their original states as though completely unaffected by time. We received one of these pieces, with which we made about 8 others for friends and family but we're only offering 3 here.

With this piece, you will be able to possess the original power given to King David, which will in turn allow you to access every power that came into creation under and after him. The power of King Solomon, Tamar, Absalom, Rehoboam, Abijah, Asa and Jehoshaphat will be yours. No power rivals the power of these items because these items contain the power of all other power that exists in their most concentrated forms. You can even use them to create other power whether it already exists or not. You will become the new origin of power.

The reason we used these sterling silver pieces is because we have used these before for other things but have decided to use these because the image at the top of each piece is of the Holy Grail Holder - the angelic creature that holds and guards the Holy Grail. We had to use a vessel capable of holding this kind of power. Since this is the Grail Holder anyway and it is sterling silver, it does have its antique markings. It was the perfect vessel.

To use this piece, to absorb the bloodline power, you would drink from the spoon into your body, the power.

There are over 100 traceable people with various powers passed down from them in the bloodline. It would've taken us days to type out each name and so they are not listed here. However, these are all ancient power and abilities of the supernatural. What makes these pieces unique is that it is not something you are going to wear and hope it works. It is something that you are going to take internally to be eternally powerful.

NOTE: I know in the description it said we had 3 available but a very wise friend who we gave one to used it and one of the powers he used led him to not need the piece anymore. He was extremely grateful and returned the piece to us to make sure that it could go to someone else. He just asked that we do not say what exactly he did with it, so we won't. However, we will say that he is no longer of this world.

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