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Isasphere is known to some but not many. She is the embodiment of all that is seductive and beautiful. This is because of this creatures ability to look into the minds of man and know what each one wants and seeks. I know there are many items that can bring beauty,change your features and cause seduction but not any that I know of can KNOW exactly what to make a man see or how to feel. This piece can do that.

Isasphere has the ability to make any man or woman see you as they want to,not as you want to be seen. If a mans ideal is a blonde with a personality of a child that is how you will appear to him even though your keeping your own personality. You on the other hand can also look as you want to,but he will see something else.

You may say well I want to look a certain way but if it is a certain person you seek then you become their dreams,what they have always wanted with out compromising you.

A magic such as this is hard to harness.  Do you want what you want? If so then here it is.

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