Ishtar's Toxic Blood
Ishtar's Toxic Blood

Ishtar's Toxic Blood

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The most sacred part of any being is the blood.  This is because blood holds all the supernatural elements that keep us alive.  It is the life-giving liquid through which the power that generates life is permeated, connecting us to the very source of magic that allows us to live.  This is why blood is used for magic.  It's why vampires drink blood to remain alive and why witches drink blood during their rituals.  The essence of blood holds the very genetic makeup that is unique to an individual. 


So much is already known about the blood of humans, but so little is known about the blood of immortals.  This is simply because there aren't an abundance of immortal beings who are like, "yeah, go ahead and experiment on my blood."  Usually, they spend their time rearranging their lives so people don't catch on.  Such is the case of Gloria Ramirez, who has become known as the Toxic Lady. 


While in the hospital being treated for cervical cancer the hospital performed a routine drawing of blood.  Normal procedure, right?  Well usually.  This time something was a bit different.  Something was... Off.  By the account of the nurses on duty, when drawing her blood the room began to smell like ammonia.  There was floating particles in her blood and every person who handled it became weak and passed out. 


Since the occurrence doctors have insisted that the phenomenon was a result of mass hysteria.  That's the explanation of a mass cover-up.  The fact is that there is a lot more to know about Ramirez's blood that what the doctors revealed.  Her blood is not just simply blood, it is the blood of the mortal.  The power of this blood is what caused the reaction on the workers.  It is a known fact.  I only say this because the blood was transported to Area 51 in order to be further examined.


The DNA i  the blood was found to be thousands of years old, the researchers unable to find a single match of any part of the any other DNA sequence.  This is because the DNA that they are looking for belongs to the gods.  I guess they wouldn't have any samples of that handy, so the mystery has been perplexing ever since.  

Through a source that we hold at Area 51, we were able to obtain a sample of this blood.  Wearing protection pieces in order to keep us from passing out like the others, we were effectively able to solve the mystery of Gloria Ramirez's "toxic" blood.   It is the blood of the goddess Ishtar who has raised herself from the realm of gods to live among the mortals. 


After occupying body after body, she finally returned to the heavenly realms where she belonged, but not before making her mark.  Each body she possessed obtained her blood, with Ramirez being her latest possession. 


In using the blood of the immortal Ishtar we were able to resurrect her into this piece.  When wearing this piece you will be able to raise Ishtar, who will take up her place as a double soul in your body.  This will give you the bloodline of the goddess which gives you full range over her powers. 


By obtaining the bloodline you will gain the powers of Ishtar.  These powers include massive wealth that will come to you in all forms.  They also include the ability to enchant the minds of others to have them do your bidding.  It brings the power of ancient sorcery which allows you to communicate with the spirits to develop your own set of dual magic spells. 

This ring is made of sterling silver and I placed a flashlight on it so you could see what the stone does. I couldn't get that to show up in my lighting at the office.

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