Isis’ Beating Heart | STAR
Isis’ Beating Heart | STAR
Isis’ Beating Heart | STAR
Isis’ Beating Heart | STAR
Isis’ Beating Heart | STAR

Isis’ Beating Heart | STAR

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Very seldom did Isis—the goddess of magic—favor any particular human. She was, however, partial to favoring those who reminded her vaguely of her significant other—Osiris. In light of this, she would often bestow upon these individuals good fortune, including but not limited to wealth, knowledge, and even love.
King Tut was one of the very few pharaohs to earn Isis’ attention and he did so through defiance. After King Tut had come to power, he had essentially undone everything his father had done. Isis had watched the young pharaoh’s will unfold, impressed and persuaded into favoring him. He reminded her vaguely of her significant other whom had died and left her but had defiantly refused to allow her to endure the dread the was the underworld. He believed that all things must die except for his beloved Isis and so he made her immortal.
Convinced that the young king would do great things during his reign, the goddess had plotted to bestow upon him the gift of everlasting health, wealth, and wisdom, with which he was meant to rule over Egypt and build the most powerful empire Egypt had ever seen. Isis planned to visit King Tut in human form on the pharaoh’s seventeenth birthday.
However, Osiris would eventually rise just before Isis meant to carry out her plan to reveal that the king was due to die in a year at eighteen years old. Additionally, Osiris did not believe that the young king had earned a gift from Isis as his reign was overall uneventful by his standards.
Many centuries later, Isis would give this same item, this time successfully and without Osiris’ notice, to Cleopatra. With it, she would have excellent and precise insight on her battles with Julius Ceaser, defeating him almost far too easily for it to be anything but embarrassing. To all who saw her, she would appear extraordinarily beautiful. At no point in her lifetime would she be without.
This was just one of the two gifts given to Cleopatra from Isis. The other is called Cleopatra’s Third Eye, which had been given to her when she had been born. It was only later, after maturity, that Isis had given her this one.
While in possession of this piece, any other, and I who handled it, experienced the ability to gain knowledge just by touching things. I could become completely aware of the entire history of an item just by holding it or even coming in any form of contact with it for a matter of seconds. Anything the item had ever been present to witness, I was aware of. I experienced a dramatic increase in wealth despite having not really done anything for it to happen. I had no interest in the love aspect of this but I can confirm that it does effectively attract people to you and even if it’s not love that you’re after, there’s always sex and in that regard, this item only attracts the best.


Extra testing was done on this item after learning more revealing facts about Cleopatra. We realized that it was not just psychic ability or supernatural ability but many other things. This led to more testing.

We have found that Cleopatra was actually hideous and that is why so many tales are told of her beauty, or lack of. We tested this on beauty for those who needed it. We tested it on victims who were scared, it worked. I think this is where those tales came from. Cleopatra was flat out ugly but went beautiful! That is something people would remember!

We tested this on power to rule as she did do that. This is great for business as well.

We tested it for wealth and again were not disappointed. All in all this is a wonderful piece that covers all aspects of magic for humans alive today. The original piece was crumbling and not fit to sell so we reconditioned it. We used some of the sterling from the original to recreate where the stone sits.

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