It's A Twin Thing:  Your Soul Doppelganger
It's A Twin Thing:  Your Soul Doppelganger

It's A Twin Thing: Your Soul Doppelganger

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Whether you are aware of it or not, every person is born with a soul doppelganger. This sou doppelganger does not exist in the physical world. Rather, it exists solely in the spirit world. It is kinda like the "as above, so below" theory, except you can think of this as an "as in the physical world, so it is in the spiritual world." This soul doppelganger is an authentic version of your own self that has been born into the spirit world just as you have been born into the physical work. Neither one of you know that the other exists, but you pull at each other like a yo-yo to constantly keep a perfect balance between the mortal and spiritual. When somebody because to blocked or to in the moment in their mortal life, they are in jeopardy of ruining their soul self. The spiritualism will be lost and the intelligence and the spirituality of the physical self begin to suffer and will weaken. It's an awful thing. This is how humanity has become so dumbed down over the year. They are so involved in material things that they don't have time to learn and to know about themselves.

on the contrary, this piece is a direct connection to your soul doppelganger. It develops a direct connection to your second self. This is a very tangible magic, and when you use this piece your second self will appear to you in its natural form-- that of a soul. It might e a strange encounter at first because your soul doppelganger will appear to you as yourself. Don't be alarmed, that's the whole point. Now you might be asking yourself why is this important? Well, because your soul doppelganger lives in the spiritual realm. It knows these realms just as you know the mortal realms. You know how to breathe, you know how to love, you know how to speak. The soul doppelganger knows the spirit realms. It knows magic. It knows powers. It knows psychic abilities. And, it can bring all of these things to you. You don't even need to tell the doppelganger what you want, it will already know. Simply create thoughts in your mind of the powers and abilities that you wish to acquire and you doppelganger will know. It's a twin thing. It will then seek out the powers that you want and bring them to you, passing them to you through the spiritual connection that this facilitates for the both of you.

You can ask your doppelganger for literally any power or magic and it will seek out the power and bring it to you. What's not to love about that??

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