Jacob's Ladder Hidden Secrets
Jacob's Ladder Hidden Secrets

Jacob's Ladder Hidden Secrets

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There are things in life that just aren’t made for the comprehension of the human mind.  Then, there are those humans who will make it their quest to find a scientific interpretation for everything.  They want to be able to wrap their minds around things that are so powerful that our mind couldn’t possibly understand without some sort of magic.  However, when you are a scientist and you basing things on facts and facts alone, magic would completely out of the question. This is where they are completely and utterly missing the mark.  They really just need to open up their hardened, stubborn minds and let the magic in.

It was reported that in December of 2017 there was a set of secret scripts found inside a statue of Jesus.  They were found in Spain when caretakers were cleaning a statue. For some reason, these secret documents had never surfaced before, but I guess that would the fateful time that would define the statue contribution to history.  We have told you many times that artists have hidden their work in art forms of all kinds. A statue would be an art form. Voila-- hidden magic!

Of all places to find these documents, they were found in the bum of Jesus Christ.  Don’t ask me what these people were doing that they were able to find hidden documents in Jesus’ butt, but I guess they have their jobs to do.  Either way, the news and history books will tell you that they only found two documents which pretty much outlined social life and other tidbits of information from 1777.  You can think of it as a time capsule of sorts. However, the scientists have left out one very major part of the discovery. There was a third affidavit found that was much older than a couple of hundred of years.  In fact, it isn’t quite known how old that scroll was, but it is known to hold incredible powers. They are instructions that hold the magic that tells the person who reads it how to build Jacob’s Ladder.

Jacob’s ladder is written about in the Book of Amos in the Bible.  It is a celebrated spiritual ladder upon which the angels of Heaven would travel to and from Heaven.  The angels were seen in Jacob’s dream as ascending and descending the ladder, as God decided to send them into society and would then call them back for whatever reason.  I think maybe God sent them into the mortal realm for a purpose, maybe to help an individual, and then called them right back. That’s just my take on it, though, I happen to think its the best explanation.  Why else would god be creating ladders from Heaven to Earth?

Then again, of course, this “ladder” is a metaphor for a holy magic that was observed by Jacob.  They didn’t have the proper terminology to relay their messages, so anything is possible. Anyway, this third and final affidavit that was found in Jesus’ posterior outline the spiritual method to design your own Jacob’s ladder.  They have kept it from the public, though. My theory is that they don’t understand exactly what is going on OR they know exactly what is going on and they don’t want this type of power to fall into the wrong hands. Speaking of hands, you know we have a hand in many things that are going on.  We know a lot of people. Then it should come as no surprise that we were sent a copy of that third affidavit that was recovered from the statue.

Apparently, this copy was a one-time use thing, because as soon as we used the power in the scroll, it auto-incinerated.  It was weird we’ve never had that happen before. It was the energy in the sacred words of the scroll that helped us develop this piece.  In other words, this is the only one we have and the only one we will ever have unless our original connection gets his hands on that scroll again.  He has moved onto new things and is currently busy with some other project, so I don’t really see that happening anytime in the near future.

Again, this piece was made from the energies of the words we uttered that were written on the paper that was sent to us.  This piece holds the ability to create your own Jacob’s ladder. What this means is that you will be able to develop a psychic connection between where you are in Earth and where the angels are in Heaven.  This will allow you to summon angels at any moment. You can do your research and determine which one of the angels it is that you want to summon, but this will summon them all. You have the ability to gain their powers and their knowledge with this piece and there is an angel for nearly everything that you might want-- love, wealth, a child, a family, the ability to manipulate your future, white light healing, psychic ability etc.  So, then the only thing left to discover is which angels you will be calling upon to climb down your Jacob’s ladder and deliver their powers to you.

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