Jeanne d'Arc, the Full Connection to God | STAR
Jeanne d'Arc, the Full Connection to God | STAR

Jeanne d'Arc, the Full Connection to God | STAR

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Jeanne d'Arc was known as a girl of poverty who eventually came to believe that she was chosen by God who allowed her to hear his voice. Against all odds, she managed to persuade the prince to allow her to lead France to victory despite there having originally been many doubts about the choices of the prince.

Despite leading France to victory and concluding an otherwise relentless war with England, Jeanne d'Arc's victory only really brought an immense amount of attention to her. It left many questioning whether or not she was a witch. The more people mulled over it, the more it seemed to be true. They thought that she must've been a witch because it was otherwise absolutely impossible for the likes of someone like Jeanne d'Arc - broadly known as a peasant - could be intelligent enough to seek out and actually succeed in gaining victory where others - smarter and more competent people - could not. What they did not realize was that Jeanne d'Arc was not unintelligent at all and it was even more so true after God had connected with her and had begun to speak with her.

They did not believe Jeanne d'Arc when she said she could hear the voice of God so she was eventually captured, trialed and essentially found guilty. They burned her at the stake, during which, regardless of what history may suggest, there was nothing to be heard except completely silence. The truth was, Jeanne d'Arc could actually hear God and the reason she was able to lead the army to victory was because God really was telling her exactly what she needed to do in order to succeed. She knew things that there was absolutely no other way for her to know. Where others had failed, God had given her all the knowledge, power and ability she required to succeed.

The reason there was nothing to be heard but silence is because God, as he very rarely does, chose to intervene himself. It was not an archangel - one of God's most trusted and powerful angels - that reached down from Heaven, it was the hand of God himself. He shielded Jeanne d'Arc from the flames and pulled her from them. The contact between Jeanne d'Arc and God's hand is what allowed her to emerge from the flames as an immortal Saint. She could not be killed by any man-made weapon. She could not be harmed or generally destroyed. She embodied an enormous amount of God's power.

The result of what happened when God reached down to pull Jeanne d'Arc from the flames of her near-execution was enough to instantly slay anyone in the immediate area as the very attempt to look upon God's hand was not something their mortal eyes could handle. This event is only written in its true form in very few of the only surviving books of writing well before that time when prophets had foreseen and documented the event that was sure to come to pass. It does not have a date that specifies when it will occur, but the human that was meant to become a saint is referred to as The Arc and thus we believe that, well before this had even taken place, it was planned by God. That being said, most other works that reference Jeanne d'Arc do not tell the story of what actually happen. A lot of it is fabricated.

This piece was created from the contact that was made between the mortal soul of Jeanne d'Arc and God's hand when he had reached down to pull her from the flames of her would-be unjust death. Like the prophets, it bares an image of what had come to pass. It depicts that last moment of Jeanne d'Arc's mortality.

This piece grants you Jeanne d'Arc's ability to hear the actual voice of God before she became a saint. He will reveal to you individual secrets that are not meant to be known by any other human. The secrets that will be given to you by the voice of God will be bother empowering, enlightening and the most divine knowledge you can receive from anywhere. As God knows all, there will be nothing that cannot be revealed to you through him. Additionally, because it was created during God's hand reaching down to shield Jeanne d'Arc from harm, it also embodies some of the power that she gained afterwards as well. This includes the inability to be damaged by dark magic or malevolent will. We also have witnessed this piece grant immortality under God, during which you have the ability to exist in your current vessel of life for as long as you desire or you can also pull your spirit from it and instill it into another vessel, which will be entirely reconstructed by God. It will be immortal and indestructible as God will have created it for you with the purpose of you existing through the times at his side for all the time that there is left to come to pass. After this happens, you will also be complete rid of all the your Earthy sins; you will be entirely pure.

Part of the picture is painted in the blood of that was drawn from Jeanne d'Arc's body when during the final moments of her immortality.


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