Joe Pichler's Chronicles in Time-- The Ability to Teleport/ star33

Joe Pichler's Chronicles in Time-- The Ability to Teleport/ star33

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All varieties of power typically stem from the parents, if not from both then at least one. Some abilities skip generations while others are passed down directly from the parent to each of the children they conceive. However, every so often, despite there being no trace of the genes in either of the parents nor anyone further up the family tree, it is sometimes possible for a child to be born as the first in their family with an abnormal ability.


Joe Pichler was born with an ability to leap through time and was the first in his family—and technically the last—to be born with a power. At first, it was just a few seconds forward or backwards in time but it eventually became more and more drastic. By the age of just seventeen, Pichler could travel to any time from when the Earth had been capable of sustaining life to the exact day and time that it is destroyed. In fact, he is supposedly the only person that knows exactly how and when the earth will reach its end.


You may be familiar with him as a young actor, one that had disappeared in early 2006, without a trace. There’s a reason why his disappearance remains a mystery and why it can’t be verified whether he is dead or alive or whether it was a suicide or a homicide. His theorizes that time is precious and should not be wasted under any circumstance—in any era. So, he left his belongings to his younger brother in guilt for his choice to spend his life away from him. He expresses that he often wishes that he could contribute more time being in the present but he believes that he was born with this ability for a reason.


We have been in contact with Pichler before, several times regarding time traveling pieces or general time traveling knowledge. Each time, we do attempt to get him to give us a little bit of a hint about some of the darkest secrets he knows, but he never relents. He only says that meddling with time is dangerous if done drastically or recklessly. We take his word for it.


When he visits, he often brings us items that he crosses in his journeys, ones that he deems unique. This particular one, he says, reminds him vaguely of himself. He found it in 2924 in a temple that he claims will be discovered some time late 2920, which will be studied, explored, and analyzed for a little over ten years before becoming a tourist attraction. The piece acts like a wormhole with which you can teleport from one place to another instantly, regardless of how far it is. From your very home, you could instantly be on a completely different city, state, continent, or even a whole different planet—anywhere you wish to go, you can go.


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