Johann Faust and the Star Stone

Johann Faust and the Star Stone

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I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly unique this item is. For starters, the stone on this 10k ring is not anything of this planet. It is a stone that has been imported (by extraterrestrials, obviously) to our planet with the sole intention of providing powers to humans. They insisted that we needed to have this knowledge and power because while they might be good aliens, there plenty that are not. I mean, just think about the ugly, lizard-lip Reptilians that are taking over the planet. They controlling things through the media and in advertising. They have made ritualism and devil worship a commonplace thing. It has become so common that people mock it or think its a joke. Just think about it. When people hold up the rock and roll sign how often do you go "Devil-worshipper!!' You don't, because that imagery has become to so common that it doesn't even bother people anymore. So, the Reptilians are synonymous with the Devil and they are also the race of aliens that are trying to take over not just the planet, but the minds and souls of the people that live here. That is why this power was delivered to Earth and I supposed that is why we were chosen to be the ones to distribute this piece. Lucky us, huh.

Now, when you think of Devil worship and the Illuminati, the first person that comes to your mind is Johann Georg Faust. Through the years his name has become synonymous with words like Devil Worship and Illuminati, but I can tell you right now that he was not behind or even part of this agenda of taking over the world. In fact, if anything he was on a simple path of enlightenment and magic, spiritual rebirth, and to exist as a celestial God on Earth. His powers have been scooped up and bastardized over the years, despite his earnest intentions to live in white light transcendental bliss. Believe me, there was nothing that this ancient alchemist, sorcerer, and magician could not do. He literally knew the ins and outs of every singled kind of magic that there was to know about. Yes, even the "bad" kinds of magic, because to be able to destroy something is to first know it completely. If you think about it, it makes sense. So, while some people think that Faust was into the dark arts, he was only learning them because he had to.

The entity that you see is in the background of this piece is the same entity that appeared to Faust when he summoned the powers of the Mirror of Eyes. The Mirror of Eyes was a mirror kind of like the one in the children's movie Snow White. You know, mirror, mirror on the wall and all that happy stuff. Except, instead of telling you things, this mirror showed you things. It could show him the entire universe and what was happening anywhere he went. It could deliver, to him, any power that he asked of the mirror. It was through using this mirror that the entity first showed up to Faust, standing behind him, gazing in the mirror. Faust was used to seeing typical angels and demons, but this was a newcomer and he stood in a state of shock. The entity gave him the only other Star Stone to exist on the face of Earth. It has since to acquired by the Royals and the Illuminati who rule the world. It had the powers to save the world back then from the evil agenda but failed due to the stupidity of the people who took the piece after Faust's death. It's currently somewhere in England, but good luck ever finding it. It is kept well hidden and out of sight.

On the contrary, we have this piece. This piece is a Star Stone set in 10K gold. As if that didn't make this piece valuable enough, the powers in this piece make it invaluable. When you wear this piece, you will attain spiritual excellence. Just as Faust did, you will exist as a god on Earth. Your DNA will open up to understand the entirety of the universe and not just what you see in front of you. What I mean by this is that you will transcend normal human existence to become of the enlightened. You will be given the knowledge of all the powers in the universe. You will have an unlimited, expansive knowledge that is much more than the human brain would normally be capable of and you will be able to think any power or ability you want into existence, bar no holds! You will gain the powers of the celestial cords and the star energy that makes up the universe. You will be given the secret knowledge of the universe that has only ever been known by the White Light Brotherhood. You will be able to use this knowledge to create any power that you want. Literally, if you can think of it, it will be manifest in real life. That is how this piece works and this is what it will do for you. Again, this is extremely rare, because it is one of only two star stones to ever be harvested and brought o Earth. It was given to us through a mirror ritual by the entity that you see on the card. As for the girl? She represents knowledge and is read a sacred text called the Book of Stars. Don't worry, you will be given all this knowledge, as well. There will be zero knowledge that you will not know. That is how powerful and evolved this race of aliens is and that is how powerful the Star Stone is.

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