John Wayne Gacy's Chameleon Magic , Youtube

John Wayne Gacy's Chameleon Magic , Youtube

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Watching the video for this piece is like watching an episode of Evil Lives Here because this is an actual personal effect that used to belong to the infamous John Wayne Gacy. If you don't know who he is you should look him up. He is one of America's most infamous serial killers. The stuff that he has done is indescribable. They found like 30 some bodies in his basement alone.

However, this piece does not hold dark magic. In fact, it is intention magic, meaning that the way the powers in this piece turn out has nothing to do with whether the piece is black or white magic. Rather, it relies solely on the intentions of those who use it. Deedee got this piece from a person who just didn't want to hold on to it anymore. He kind of knew what it did and that it held magic in it, but just wasn't sure how to use it.

When JWG had this piece he used to wear it with a red flower, so when Deedee first got the piece and was testing it, she did the same. She was filled with an inexplicable urge to kill. That's when she took it off. However, knowing that she couldn't give up on the investigation, she continued, but with different colored flowers.

Through testing this piece she has determined that this power might be the root cause of JWG wanting to kill people. The piece originally belonged to his mother and was given to him as a young boy. We have yet to determine whether she killed anyone, but we at least know that she was obviously into the occult and paranormal. Otherwise, she wouldn't have given this piece to her son.

With the changing of each color, the item gave Deedee a different power or emotion. Red made her want to kill. Orange gave her sparks of motivation to get things done. Yellow messed with her mind and made her feel crazy. Purple opened her third eye. Pink brought feelings of love and connection and when she put a green flower in there she could feel it bring wealth. Either way, through her testing this piece, she realized that the piece reacted to certain colored flowers that she put into it.

The bottom line is this-this piece allows you to project magic onto other people and it changed depending on the color of the flower that is inserted into the opening at the top. Red grants death magic. Pink grants love magic. Green grants wealth magic. Yellow allows you to alter the state of the mind. Purple opens the third eye. Deedee used fake flowers when using this piece, so they don't even really have to be real. That part is up to you. However, the type of magic you can convey upon others changes with the color of the flower. We have obviously not been able to test all colors and/or shades of colors, so this piece will surely be an adventure for whoever gets it.

When watching this piece, you will also get a bit of a history lesson into the likeness of JWG. You really have to watch the video to appreciate the powers of this piece. Check it out with these two links.

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