Julius Caesar's Soul
Julius Caesar's Soul

Julius Caesar's Soul

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This piece is one for the books. It is extremely powerful. You might have heard of a little somebody from history named Julius Caesar, right? Okay, so he's not so much a little somebody at all. He's actually one of the most well-known people in world history. He is perhaps the most well-known leader of Rome, as well. However, I bet many of you have a true understanding of who Julius Caesar really was and why he was killed. I'm sure you've all heard the story, but you don't know the truth. I'm here to tell you the truth.

Julius Caesar was born into a well-to-do family. They were of the ruling class known as the gens Julia. The group was established by Iulus who was the son of Trojan Prince Aeneas. Aeneas was the direct descendant of the goddess Venus. I'm not saying that he was a god or anything, but there was definitely divinity in his bloodline and it showed. Following the loss of a family power struggle and civil war that Caesar led after the death of his father, he was stripped of everything. He was stripped of his titles that were given to him, he was stripped of his inheritance, he was stripped of his wife, and he was stripped of his dignity.

It was during this time the Julius really began to do some soul searching. During this soul searching was when he really dug deep into his familiar roots, tapping into the divine part of his bloodline. This allowed him to develop a direct connection to Venus, who in turn allowed him to access the whole pantheon of her brothers and sisters. This led to Caesar summoning Bellon the goddess of war. He used this magic to once again join the armies of Rome. He quickly climbed the ranks and became the leader of Rome. There's more to the story, which you can research if you have the time.

Once he began the leader he began disassembling the Senate, which some say was a good thing for the citizens of Rome. However, there are those who do not think so. Whether it was good or bad for the people, Julius Caesar had one thing in mind and that was to dismantle the power of the senate and use his powers to unleash a heavy darkness upon the land for retaliation for what had happened to him at the young age of 16. This is why he was conspired against and assassinated. It wasn't because of anything you were ever taught. It was because Caesar intended to release darkness on Earth using the magic that he was given by the gods.

I'm sure you're asking what this has to do with you, but it has a lot to do with you. This piece holds the soul of Julius Caesar. It was trapped by the Senate after his death so he couldn't resurrect himself it was kept all these years, transferred from vessel to vessel. When you own this ring, you will develop a connection to Julius Caesar the magic that was given to him. This magic is capable of creating anything. It can create any kind of magic. It can allow you to travel anywhere in time. It can open up portals to anywhere. It can allow you to conjure any entity. It can give you conversations with the gods. It is an all-powerful divine magic. This is obviously not the original container that Julius's soul was set into. It is a more recent vessel used by a group that still calls themselves the Senate. They still govern magic as they did in the days of old. How this piece came to the Underground Auction, I'm not sure, but we scooped it up. Now, it can be yours!

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