Keeper of the Key of David

Keeper of the Key of David

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Ever since my transformation, the strangest things have been happening to me. Some of the things I can't even put into words. Other times they are simply little visions that I am given. This piece comes as a result of one of the visions that I received, but it was by no means "a little vision." This was a full-blown vision in which I was no longer in my own surroundings. Now, I'm not usually the type of person that is easily spooked. I mean, we travel all over the world to some pretty crazy places. I can't say that there is a place on Earth that threw me out of my element as much as the facilitation of the vision that I'm about to tell you about. I was asleep in my bed, in fact, I was in my boxers and it was about four in the morning. I went to use the bathroom and as soon I as I opened the bathroom door to go back to my bedroom, I was all of sudden in a very peculiar surrounding.

Instead of the hallway with the little nightlight showing me back to my favorite place in the world, my bed, I was greeted by a stone wall. On either side of the stone walls, torches protruded from the far top. They were the only light that I was given and I could smell something like sweet smoke coming from somewhere. I squinted and looked to the left and looked to the right. Nothing but a very narrow corridor as far as my eyes could see. "well, I thought to myself, here we go again." As soon as I made up my mind to head left, a figure in a black robe appears to me. One of his creepy gloved hands reached out and point straight ahead, which would have been my right. "Okay, so we're going that way, I huffed," I traveled down the narrow stone-wall-lined corridor until I reached a very heavy wooden door.

On the door, in English, was written, "Behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and has kept my word, and hast not denied my name." A little research after the fact told me that these were the words in Revelation, concerning the Angel of the Church in Philadelphia who holds the Key of David. At the moment, I pondered what this phrase could have meant. I didn't have much time to ponder, however, as my friend in the black robe was back. He simply pointed at the door and stood still as a statue. So, I opened the door.

On the other side of the door was a large room that void of anything, except for a stone altar. The stone altar was bare save for a well the size of a small ink well. It was puzzling because I didn't know what to do. Usually, when I'm having these types of visions things just come to me. They aren't usually that interactive. Tonight this all change. It wasn't long before black robe was back. This time he held out one of his gloved hand in a manner that implied I was supposed to take it, so I did. Then he simply pointed at the ink well on the altar. I looked back at him like, "Ummm okay??" He said and did nothing, he simply pointed. I looked down at the altar once more, thinking. Then, I turned my head to look back at black robe and he had vanished. So I was stuck there, in a dark room, with no clue what I was supposed to do. It wasn't until I was about to give up that it suddenly came to me. I closed my hand around the dagger and winced a little bit as it cut through my flesh. Fresh blood began to patter onto the altar and I moved it over so it could fill the ink well.

As soon as the blood had filled the ink well, the room began to come alive. Light from somewhere (not sure where) lit up the walls. Directly behind the altar was a giant sigil that was carved into the stone. In the center of the Sigil was the Eye of God. To the top of the Eye of God, there was an owl. To the right of the eye, there was a serpent. To the bottom of the eye, there was a lion with the wings of an eagle. To the left of the Eye was a fish, but not like a trout, one of those "Jesus Fish" that you see on bumper stickers. Hey, I can't make this stuff up. As soon I was done admiring the artistry, the eye in the center of the sigil turned into an actual eye that began looking all over the place. It darted all over the room as it had never seen anything before in its existence. I got down on one knee and looked directly into the eye and as I did I could feel my entire soul being sucked from my body. On the other side, I found myself in a dense mist that was so thick I could barely make out my hand in front of my face.

I was confronted by a voice that said, "Behold, I am and the Angel of the Church of Philadelphia, Keeper of the Key of David." I had to chuckle to myself because with the fog that I found myself in I wasn't "beholding" anything. At that thought, some of the fog began to clear and upon a golden throne, I found a ring. On the ring was etched a skull and crossbones. The angel must have been reading my mind because he responded. "The ring holds the duality of good AND evil. The skill represents the fate of man had it not been for salvation. The ring itself represents eternal life. It is the Key of David, the most beloved of God, the Father. It was through this bloodline that God's own Son, Jesus Christ was born. The ring holds the reincarnation of the bloodline of Christ. He who wears it receives the Essence of God." At that, the ground began to shake and the Earth upon which I stood gave way. I found myself floating through endless nothing. All around me I saw angels and griffins flying through the sky. I heard angels playing the trumpets of the Lord. There was nothing but these Heavenly sights and the comfortable feeling of nothing. Then, I awoke in my bed in a cold sweat, the ring that I had seen in my palm.

I will suffice to say this. I have spent the better part of half a year testing this piece. It is wondrous. It will show you many things that nothing else we offer on this website can show you. It is the knowledge of the Tree of Life. It is the wisdom of Solomon. It holds the magic of the Holy Spirit. It holds the transformative powers and miracles of the Bloodline of Christ. It is the Eye of the Divine, with which you will know all things. There is simply nothing that you cannot accomplish with this piece. It is not just a white light item, either. This piece knows all magic and can do all magic. With it, you will know all secrets that have ever been, which include the secrets and magic of the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Gnostics, the Kabbalists, and the Red and Green Society. It can summon ANY entity-- djinn, spirits, aliens, anything. You can even summon King Solomon if that is who you desire. This piece will allow you to speak to Jesus as you would talk to a person sitting next to you. This piece will give you enlightenment. It will give you psychic powers. It will allow you to see through the Eye of God and into the Mind of God. There is literally nothing that this ring will not tell you, show you, do for you, or allow you to create. It is one of the best pieces that I have come across.

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