Keeper of the Wyvern
Keeper of the Wyvern

Keeper of the Wyvern

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This piece was given to us by a member of magicians that goes by the name the Dragon Guard. We aren't quite sure exactly who the Dragon Guard is or why they exist. We are slowly trying to figure that out. However, it is safe to say that they are one of us and not one of them. By this, I mean they are a group of magicians that believe in the existence of free magic, they aren't part of one the oppressive Illuminati regimes that think that magic should stay out of the hands of the masses. They are part of the people who are trying to liberate free knowledge.

While we are still trying to learn as much as we can about the Dragon Guard, we are also going to accept any magical item that they throw our way. This is one of those items and I cannot get over how powerful it is. Not to mention it doesn't take a ton of time for the powers to be able to come to you. I'm not going to give a specific time frame, because you all know we don't do that, but the testers had absolutely no problem connecting with this piece. One of them even commented that it was refreshing how easy this magic was to use and comprehend.

The piece conjures the presence of one of the most ancient and powerful dragons, called the Wyvern. The Wyvern appears with two wings and two legs. Of course, the dragon will show itself to you in its spirit form. The Wyvern is a breed of dragon that was created by alchemists during the Ancient Ages. They were the dragons that were to keep the secrets of Alchemy and there were only ever supposed to be a few of them. Well, let's just say that dragons like to procreate, so the situation kind of got out of control.

It's all good, though. One man's misfortune is another's opportunity. I won't say there are TONS of Wyverns available for conjure, but there are more than what was intended. This piece conjures one of those wyverns. The Wyvern has a pure knowledge of alchemy. This means that it is able to transform raw energy that is emanated into the atmosphere and transfuse it into different powers and abilities. This is the alchemy way.

You own this piece, so you are the Keeper of Wyvern, which is what somebody who owns a Wyvern is called. They are known as very powerful individuals because they control the dragon and its actions. They can summon the dragon to create any power or magical ability that they want. This is all done using the sacred and secret elements of alchemy that were taught to them by those that created them.

This piece is an antique dragon piece, which makes it valuable right of the bat.  Then, add in the power that this guy gives--  we could have probably sold it for a lot more, but we like to make sure everyone gets an opportunity.  

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