Key To Alexandria
Key To Alexandria

Key To Alexandria

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There is a place so hidden and so fortified with hexes to keep people out that only the most trained Egyptian sorcerers know how to access it.  It is said the Library of Alexandria was entirely destroyed, but this is not the case.  The physical library may be gone on Earth, yes.  However, there is a metaphysical version of the library.  This library holds all ancient knowledge that the Egyptians had to offer.  This includes the secrets that were held in the pyramids, the secret knowledge that was given to Pharaoh's only.  It includes all forms of magic and incantation that was ever uttered by a Pharaoh Temple Priest or High Priest.  It holds all of the magic of the gods and of the demi-gods and semi-gods.  It also holds samples of magic from across the world.  I haven't had time to use this piece as in-depth as I would like, because we are listing it to the website, but then again if I investigated as thoroughly as I wanted to go with this piece I don't think I'd ever be ready.  
Before the sack of the Alexandria, a very powerful wizard at the time who was sent in the name of the almighty Isis, goddess of magic and knowledge, create a secondary Earth.  This Earth was created using destiny magic.  This is where the texts from the library of Alexandria were transferred to for safe keeping.  There are stone walls on this Earth.  These stone walls are finite, but they take up a massive amount of the secondary Earth that was created in its own pocket of existence.  Every line that ever existed within the Library of Alexandria has been perfectly preserved in time.  It holds all the ancient knowledge as described above.  
This piece is the key to access this library.  With this key, you will gain admittance to the library and you will be able to access whatever it is you want to know.  I know that I said it was super hard to get it and it is, which is why this piece should be so celebrated.  It was extremely hard for us to get one and now that we have it, it is quite tempting to keep it for ourselves.  However, as I just described to a curious customer earlier-- our job is to secure paranormal and metaphysical pieces for others.  This is our sole mission.  This is why we don't keep the pieces that we find.  I mean, we keep some of them, but not really any of the major stuff.  Those are just minor things that Deedee or Lindy find pretty.  So, we are offering it up for sale.  This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Entering the Library of Alexandria is just like entering a Hall of Records, only it has everything to do with magic, ancient secrets, rituals, enchantments, spells, castings, hidden knowledge, and anything else that you can think of.  It will really help you in your quest for magical dominance, whether you are a beginner or a professional.  It is the key to nearly infinite knowledge that you will hold at your fingertips.  
This is the original piece. We did not go and look for a vessel. This is solid carved Jade.
I loved my experience with this piece as I bought over three djinn that are truly amazing and wise! 

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