King Ferdinand's Legion of Angels
King Ferdinand's Legion of Angels

King Ferdinand's Legion of Angels

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This piece holds a mystery that was associated with King Ferdinand of Aragon.  He was one of the most influential and important Spanish leaders in the history of Spain.  He played a key role in the Reconquista.  When he married Queen Isabella I it laid the foundation for the Spanish Monarchy.  Together they would sponsor the first voyage of Christopher Columbus and other expeditions.  He also led Spanish forces in the war against France over ownership of the Kingdom of Naples.  
Back then it took approximately 15 days for a document to be sent between parties.  It makes complete sense that these documents would be written in secret code, the codex for which was sent separately.  This is the case of the 500-year-old letter that was found written between King Ferdinand and his general, Gonzalo de Cordoba.  The letter combined 237 combined letters and 88 distinct symbols.  Each letter consisted of two to six combined characters.  It was written without any separation between words or phrases.  The message has puzzled historians forever, so they called in some help.  Enter the CNI, which is essentially Spain's version of the CIA.  It has taken them six months to decode four letters, with a very bleak outlook of ever crack the entire code.  
It's okay, though.  If they really wanted to know what the letters said, all they'd have to do is ask us.  We've been sent the code.  A piece that we've used that allowed a psychic bond to the letter allowed us to crack every single word.  The letter was much more than a strategic pow-wow between the King and his General.  It was a force of magic-- a spell-- that allowed the forces to defeat France.  So, what was the spell?
The spell was one that allowed the Spanish army to conure a legion of angels that they released onto the battlefield.  These angels appeared in full human and could not die.  Thus, they easily defeated the French forces they went up against.  It was a very decisive defeat and crippled the French army.  
Fast-forward and this document still does the same thing and would do the same thing, except for the small fact that nobody has been able to decode the letter ever since.  The codex has been lost, but the letter remains.  Anybody that is able to decipher the code will be given the same powers that the Spanish army was given.  You can summon a legion of angels to fight on your behalf in all areas of your life.  Financial, Love, your education, a job, warding of evil, getting vengeance on your enemies, battling sickness and disease, and the list goes on and on.  While the Spanish summoned these angels to literally fight, this power reacts in a totally different way on a personal level.  We have been able to fortify this piece with those powers.  
What you gain with this piece is what I have just set forth above.  You gain a legion of angels that will battle for you on all fronts of your life.  It will better all areas of your life and will give you the ability to summon the angels if you need them to work in particular areas.  This power is tried and true.  It worked for the Spanish army.  Imagine how powerful it will be for you.  

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