King Solomon's Highest Djinn, Damona | STAR
King Solomon's Highest Djinn, Damona | STAR
King Solomon's Highest Djinn, Damona | STAR
King Solomon's Highest Djinn, Damona | STAR

King Solomon's Highest Djinn, Damona | STAR

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This djinn is the most powerful and elite of all the djinn to have ever been under the control of King Solomon. It had been with him through the majority of his reign.

King Solomon had been rather lucky to acquire a djinn like Damona. One of her status is extraordinarily difficult to obtain and sometimes, even if you manage to harness one of these particular djinn, they become disobedient or malevolent in nature. They become more trouble than anything else. However, Damona was created and bonded to Solomon, which is why she is not malevolent or vindictive in nature. The reason she remains this way is because she was bonded to Solomon via a materialistic item. Had she been soul bound, there would be no way for us or anyone else to benefit from her abilities. She would be too dangerous to handle.

The Lesser Key of Solomon, alongside a complete explanation of the origin of all 72 demons he had come to capture, how to raise them and their abilities, there is are other secrets to be explored, only one of which is Damona, the high djinn of wisdom, fortune and power. Damona had never literally been mentioned but there was a sacred item, one that only vaguely describes housing a superior entity with the ability to grant indefinite wisdom and the wealth of knowledge. It is from this that we know that Damona was instilled and empowered by at least 7 of the 72 demons of King Solomon.

1. Baal, from which Damona gained invisibility and experience.

2. Vassago, from which Damona gained the ability to find that of which is lost in the past, present or will be lost in the future. She can wonder through all periods of time freely and gather information easily.

3. Gamygyn, from which Damona gained complete understanding of languages, which allows her to relay any information necessary to her master so they can understand what they need to understand perfectly.

4. Marbas, from which Damona gained shapeshifting and the ability to speak secrets but not those of her master.

5. Valfor, from which Damona gained the ability to draw from any source she or her master chooses. All is hers for the taking.

6. Amon, from which Damona gained strength, power and the ability to take on realistic human-esque forms at the request of her master in order to carry out instructions.

7. Barabatos, from which Damona gained greed. She can reveal hidden fortune.

The djinn is bound to this item and can be summoned at your convenience. She is capable of a number of things, some of which are passive, others those of which you are entirely in control.

The passive auras that Damona omits is that of which passively cleanses your body of bacteria or general malevolent auras that could cause you to fall ill. She can and will allow you to draw lost items to yourself. She will protect the general household and any others that may be important to you. Though, with this djinn, it is essential to keep in mind that her first priority is you and she will never make an exception.

What this djinn gives you is access to an enormous plethora of knowledge, which you can draw from anyone and anything. Depending on how you use this, there's no telling what you can find and gain. Damona can draw from the very djinn owned by other individuals. When a person is born, a lesser djinn is created. This djinn usually manages minute details such as sin, luck or love. Occasionally one may get lucky and be birthed alongside a more powerful djinn, though this is rare. Due to her superior status of power, Damona can manipulate other djinn and make them act upon her will as opposed to their own just by them existing. This ability gives you access to almost anything and anyone that you choose and because djinn are soul bond, there is no knowledge or power that Damona cannot access for you.

This is why she was so important to Solomon. She was and remains the key to all knowledge and general gain.

Ring size 12, sterling silver

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