King Solomon's Wealth of Ophir

King Solomon's Wealth of Ophir

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The piece you are getting when you purchase has been crafted out of gold that was recovered from the lost mine, Ophir. Ophir is the gold mine that was owned by King Solomon during his regency. It was from this cave that Solomon began excavating gold to build his kingdom. Not only was this some of the finest and most precious gold that could be found in the world, but it held magical properties. It is said that by today's standards King Solomon would have been worth $60 Trillion. That would enough to wipe out the American debt over and over again. This is the kind of wealth the gold from Ophir brought for King Solomon.

Now, fast forward a few thousand years and it is the same gold that has brought America the wealth that they enjoy. Debt or no debt, the United States of America is still the wealthiest country on Earth. The reason behind this is simple-- they were gifted gold from Ophir by the King of England, prior to their breaking away from the monarchy. How did King George own this gold? It's simple. Although historians have been looking for the location to the cave for years upon years now, the only people who will ever know the true location to the Ophir mine are the Freemasons. This is because there have been secret Masonic codes that written throughout the Bible in holy code pentameter that are only visible to Masons who have trained to a certain level. It is higher than a 33rd Degree Mason, which is commonly thought as the highest possible level of Freemasonry. That is wrong.
This gold was given to the founders of the Thirteen Colonies and eventually, this gold was transported to Washington D.C. when the capital was founded. This gold is hidden somewhere in the capital city, but there is only one way to know how to locate it. Again, this is only a knowledge that can be known by the highest level Freemason. The city is built in Freemasonic codes, so they trained eyes of the appropriate level Freemasons will know exactly where to find this gold. This is the gold that is hidden by the government that holds the magic that has allowed America to blossom into the most powerful and richest country in the world. It is constantly watched over by a group of Freemasons, the first of which was set into power by George Washington. It is the government's source of wealth and how they keep power over the people. It is what allows our capitalist nation to flourish. It is one of the most powerful wealth powers on the planet.

We have a connection, who is obviously going to remain nameless due to the sensitivity of this subject, who was able to get inside of the secret hiding place where the collection of America's Ophir gold exists. He was obviously a Freemason and that is all I can say about him, period. Either way, he was able to secure a very small amount of gold for use. We had this gold melted down and then we customized this ring. This gold will bring the wealth magic of the gold that was mined from Ophir, but it will also bring you the secret of the gold and why it is so powerful. Here's the kicker-- Ophir, King Solomon's mine was guarded by a pair of ancient djinn. These were ancient wealth djinn, even old than Ophir itself. They were conjured and summoned to guard Ophir by Solomon, but also to release their ancient wealth powers upon the mine, which they did. The result was the $60 Trillion net-worth that was enjoyed by King Solomon, his golden temple, his 12 golden lions, his golden shields, his chalices, and even his golden weapons. It brought him and his country a ridiculous amount of wealth.

Here's a little secret-- it can do the same for you!! This little gold ring may seem quite small, but consider the following-- King Solomon was building wealth for a nation. The Freemasons were using the gold to build wealth for a nation. You only have to build wealth for yourself and maybe your family if you feel like sharing. As such, the amount of Ophir gold that has been used to create this piece is more than enough for you. This piece will bring you an incredible amount of wealth the same way it has done King Solomon. This piece brings the wealth in gradually-- week by week, month by month. It's not going to grant you a billion dollars the first day you wear it. It doesn't work like that. First of all, this piece is also spirited with the two ancient wealth djinn, so they are going to have to bond to you. Second, the powers just don't work that way. This is a power that is going to bring you immense wealth over time that will allow you to establish a name for yourself and for your offspring after you. This is not a fly by night casino type of wealth that is going to bring you a couple of thousands of dollars immediately. I'm not saying you won't notice a difference, because you will. I'm just saying that you have to really give this one time to work with you and to manifest the big bucks into your life.

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