Knights After Death
Knights After Death

Knights After Death

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It's always nice to feel like you have somebody in your corner.  In the case of the Czech Republic, they seem to think that they have a whole platoon of knights in their corner, waiting to be awakened in the country’s darkest hour and to defend the country at all costs.  As the legend goes, the famous Knights of Blahnik are resting beneath the ruins of battlements in a mountain covered by the cloak of a dark forest.  When the time is right, they will awaken, led by Saint Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia and all will be right in the world.  
Well, that is what the ancients thing anyway.  I think that they have taken the legend way to literally.  In fact, I know they are.  I'm not saying that there are no knights and there isn't a Wenceslaus.  What I'm saying is that they are not hiding in a cave somewhere waiting for a battle cry.  These men have since moved on to the spiritual realms where they have received a spot in Heaven for "doing the most good "while on Earth.  The legend could have possibly been mixed up with a witchcraft spell that summons King Wenceslaus and his knights in the spiritual form.  
What would you want to do that for?  Well, since they were fierce warriors during their tenure on Earth, God has allowed them to also be fierce warriors in the afterlife-- in angelic form of course.  This piece is a odd coupling of angelic power and white light witchcraft.  It calls upon the King W. and his knights to leave the spiritual realms and to come to the person who is invoking them.  That would be you.  
Now, we all have obstacles in life that we have to overcome.  That is the name of the game with this piece.  Whatever obstacles or challenges you are facing in the human realm, the good king and his men will be able to take care of.  If it is a money thing, they will bring you wealth.  If your heart is aching, they will bring you love.  If you are in need of spiritual healing, then that is what they bring to you.
You see, God has given the full ability of His white light sorcery to do battle on Earth against the evil that preys.  So, they have the means to help you overcome anything that you might come across.  In addition to that, this piece will protect you, your home and your family.  All you have to do for this to take place is have the piece in your home somewhere.  It will protect everyone inside of the home from evil.  It will disallow evil to enter your home and it will smite all evil that exists there.  

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