Knights Templar's Relic of the Covenant and the Holy Grail | STAR
Knights Templar's Relic of the Covenant and the Holy Grail | STAR
Knights Templar's Relic of the Covenant and the Holy Grail | STAR
Knights Templar's Relic of the Covenant and the Holy Grail | STAR

Knights Templar's Relic of the Covenant and the Holy Grail | STAR

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The Knights Templar is perhaps one of the best - if not the best - examples of an order whose priorities were, at first glance, pretty much perfectly in line. However, one has to ask 'what happened?' somewhere along the line after some of the crap we've dug up about them. Among the vast majority of stuff they've done, especially after having gone underground, it's most interesting to take note of the things that meant well, were originally not so dark but ultimately became something that sort of just proves that 'loyal' is just a fancy word for 'gamble' in the world of Orders or secret societies. You never really know what you're getting into, you just kind of hope it works out.

This is especially true for the Knights Templar. When they were a newly created Order, around the time they became officially known as the Knights Templar, they conjured a piece from the shield of four points of the cross of the Templar Shield. They had only done this twice before and it had been more experimental than anything. This time, it was done to create an item meant to empower them to continue out their duties more effectively. The ritual itself had not quite been elaborate. This piece was born of it.

What the Knights created was an item whose purpose quickly shifted into something completely different than what it had began. In fact, it didn't take long at all - perhaps less than two years of it existing - for the piece to become the component of a reward system. In hindsight, it's a wonder why that that was all this item amounted to for as long as it did given how powerful it was. With an item capable of giving the holder just about anything, it was instead passed around almost like a prize. It was incentive to serve well under the purpose of the Templars and to also never betray them. It wasn't uncommon for the piece to be used as intimidation either - it was the bread and butter to much of the foundation that became the Knights Templar after its creation. It also showed that the intentions and mindsets of the Templars, perhaps, were a bit more greedy than originally thought.

This piece has passed over many knights, to each of which it gave something different. To one knight, it bestowed the ability to die and awake the next morning alive, healed and entirely well while in his possession. To another, it granted the ability to hold any form of metal in the palms of his hands and turn it to enchanted purified gold - many of the sacred emblems that rested on the armor of the elite were created by this piece and made their armor impenetrable by human-crafted weaponry. Another man experienced the ability to heal by touch but also, for himself, the ability to embody the mind of any mortal not within the ranks of the Knights Templar - his influence was the most notable due to him using this ability to veil and sustain the fact that the Knights Templar was more than what it appeared to be on the surface.

Perhaps, one of the most notable abilities one has ever gotten with this piece, was when the item left the hands of the Knights Templar altogether. When the Templars went underground around 700 years ago, the piece was kept out of the hands of anyone, even the members of the order itself. It was preserved delicately and kept out of the sight of anyone with knowledge of its power who may be tempted to take it. However, it was mandatory that the item was inspected on a frequent basis to make sure that it hadn't been stolen or tampered with. During one of these same occasions, the handler of the piece had been, upon laying eyes on it, overwhelmed by dark greed. It's not known for certain which is true but we know, given our own experience with the piece, that it could be a mixture of both.

After exposing himself to the piece, the knight inherited an intense surge of power that opened his mind up to the entire realm. Among the Templar's personal legends, some believed that the piece was angry for being kept from its purpose for so long. Others believe that it was the knight itself who had been corrupted and, on his own free will, had betrayed the order in favor of a taste of power. He became able to manipulate matter, including that of human bodies both mentally and physically. It was easily the most powerful 'gift' to ever be given to a Templar... but also the darkest. It wasn't the power that was dark. Regardless of whether or not the piece was angry, it could not give dark power, it could only give raw power. After going so long without being used, the piece had simply stored an excess quantity of it, which is why so much had been granted at once.

The Knight however, feeling powerful, had been what made the power dark. He used it to intimidate, mold and influence the Order, which he pushed to rule himself. It was one of the darker times for the Order, especially because it was a time in which it had separated itself completely from its original purpose. Anyone who would not accept the new ways would be removed from the order and cast out - sometimes, they could be killed as well. More recently - for the better part of the last century - this piece had been drifting. It's not known how or why it has parted ways with the Templars but we have heard from many sources that it was taken and disposed of as a last ditch effort by the rebels of the Order to either restore it to its original state or deny corruption to Templars who might have come in contact with it in the future.

It's been in our possession for quite some time. It's one of our favored and most valued items. We have not used it so many times but any time we have, it has never once failed to come through. It is a truly powerful and extraordinary piece. Additionally, it is worth noting before you purchase this particular piece that it has not been used by anyone for quite some time so the power that is stored inside is likely to pack a bit of a punch.

We went out of our way a few years back to test this particular process and can assure you with confidence that it means nothing dangerous but rather something you should be prepared for. It will probably take some getting used to, especially because it grants the immense power of what you desire most and it does it in excess. It pulls from your deepest desires. So, if extreme wealth magic is what you desire, that is what you will find you can do best and most effectively. If you desire psychic abilities, you will find that the psychic power you receive, while intense, will also be very effective. Whether you just want raw power, control, protection, strength, wisdom or influence over creation - it really doesn't matter. The item knows what you want, you won't even need to ask for it. It will be given to you.

We also need to let you know that this ring opens up. Should you desire to open it, it does allow the angels that guard the ark of the covenant to be released. Once you release the angels, if you decide to, if you drop olive oil inside of the ring and anoint yourself with it, that grants you the power of the holy grail. This ring is all around extreme powerful.

This is sterling silver and on top of it sits a garnet. It is a size 10.


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