Know Their True Intentions

Know Their True Intentions

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People can be so shady these days.  They will tell you one thing right to your face and then turn around and say something different to the next person that comes along.  I'm not sure why people are like this.  I've always subscribed to honesty is the best policy myself, but there are people out there that would rather lie and take you for a ride instead of just being honest from the onset.

 Why waste your time trying to figure out if somebody's intentions are pure, when you can allow this piece to do it for you?  This piece was made by a gypsy witch that we work with sometimes.  It was made for situations exactly like the one that I describe above.  You can use this piece to literally hear the intentions of another person.  They may be able to hide their intentions from you, but they will never be able to hide them from their own mind.  

Ergo, when you use this piece you will never have to guess again.  Never guess if the person you're dating has feelings for you.  Never guess if your business partner is out to get one over on you.  Never guess if your child is hiding something from you.  It is a really simple piece to use.  Just wear them in your ears.  Your mind will be activated and adjusted.  Then you will be able to hear away!  It only works one person at a time, but this is so your concentration isn't broken when reading through the intentions of the person.

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