Krafft's Stars
Krafft's Stars

Krafft's Stars

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There they were, about to start the largest war Europe has ever seen, and the two most powerful European countries at the time couldn't think of anything better to do than to hire astrologist fortune tellers.  I mean who doesn't want to know the future?  I would.  And Krafft was really good at it, considering he predicted that one time somebody tried to off Hitler at the Munich Beer Hall.  
After Krafft successfully saved the life of Adolf Hitler, he was hired as Hitler's personal astrologist.  In return, Britain had to have one.  Then France.  Then Italy.  Pretty soon, it was a paranormal arms race.  Everybody wanted an astrological adviser.  However, there would be none as powerful as Krafft.  In fact, Germany would've won the war if American hadn't become involved.  Oops.  I guess Krafft left that one out, or was he working with the Americans, too?  It's kind of hard to say.  
The point is, that this is a piece that was made by Krafft.  It is a astrological fortune teller.  So what does that mean?  Well, all of time has been written in the stars.  It even says so in the Bible.  I forget the passage, but it's there.  The past, present, and future are all hidden in the stars.  This piece not only gives you the ability to read the stars, to prophesy the future, but it gives the ability to manipulate the stars' energies.  This will allow you to recreate your future into whatever you want it to be.  It also allows you to recreate the future of others, with or without their consent.  As you can imagine, this is a very powerful piece.   

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