Ladies of Fate
Ladies of Fate
Ladies of Fate

Ladies of Fate

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I've been typing up all these files, so I thought I'd quick do an easy one that way I can give my brain a break.  This piece is a very simple to use summoning piece.  Housed in the confines of the piece are what we are calling the Six Ladies of Fate.  The six ladies are six goddesses from across the realms of many spiritual beliefs.  We were originally only going to use one of the goddesses in this piece, but we figured the more the merrier, right?  That's what they say anyhow.  So, we figured that we had already gone that far with the piece, we might as well just throw in a few more. 
This piece conjures only the most powerful of goddesses that all preside over fate.  When using this piece, you will be able to summon the goddesses to create your own fate.  This means that you can ask them to grant you any kind of future that you want.  You can customize how your life will look, how wealthy you will be, your true love, how many kids you have, etc.  I mean, this piece does it all!  You can literally create your own future as per what you want it be like!  This is a very rare opportunity, so you better pounce on it while you can.  Below are the names of the goddess of Fate that you will be getting: 
Use THESE names when performing a summoning.  
This is real Amethyst, crystals and rhinestones in a necklace.

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