Lance of Longinus, Real Bones of Jesus Christ | STAR
Lance of Longinus, Real Bones of Jesus Christ | STAR
Lance of Longinus, Real Bones of Jesus Christ | STAR

Lance of Longinus, Real Bones of Jesus Christ | STAR

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Residing in Europe, the House of Habsburg are into some serious occult magic. I'm talking about some serious crap. Anything you can think of - they have likely been there and done that plus all of the things you can't think of alongside of it. They have done many things throughout history to achieve incredible amounts of occult power, which they do have plenty to show for.

As you read this, they are in possession of a series of powerful and rare relics, most of which there are only one of authenticity in all of existence. They collect them. One enormous and relevant example is the sword said to have stabbed Christ in the side, during which fragments of bone had been embedded and preserved in the stone of what would eventually come to be known as the Holy Lance.

There is a process that has been developed and that is one in which you can take the bones of someone or even something - whatever puts wind in your sails - and have it turned into diamonds. They say that this process is modern and new but it is an ancient form of preservation of divine materials or remains that originated from the magic of dedicated occultists for both light and dark purposes. This was something that used to be done through magic during ancient times and the results of it can be seen in several items of power that can be found today - you just need to know how to look for it.

A prominent and modern example of this is the Heintzman Crystal Piano, the crystal of which was created with fragments of ancient silver shavings scraped from a Millennium Medallion - vaguely translated from the Chinese term - originally used by the occultists of the Chinese Black Dragon occultists. If you don't know who they are, it's not important. The fact of the matter is, this piano will always been worth a pretty penny and it will be worth every dime because the influx of prosperity and eternal longevity that you get in return is, well, priceless.

An older example is Napoleon’s Sword, which was crafted with the actual hair of a war angel, which was embedded throughout the sword to inspire victory. A direct example of the process in which something has been changed into gemstones, one that you may have heard of, is actually the Emerald and Diamond Tiara.

Anyway, this process, as old as it is, was not in existence back when Jesus was stabbed in the side by the Holy Lance. The fragments of the bones that the Lance had cracked had rested upon the stone for many generations before the Habsburg came in possession of it. By then, Christ's blood and bones, though intact, had fused with the Lance and needed to be pulled from the relic.

The Lance, is solid proof that Christ was a being of superiority as the very bones and blood were not destroyed by time. The bone fragments especially were pearl white and as healthy as they would be if they had just been formed. Additionally, when the fragments of bones were pulled from the Lance and placed together, the fragments formed a large chip.

The Habsburgs had the Christ bone chip turned into diamond. The shape of the overall piece that surrounds the bone of Christ is inspired by the Lance from which the bone fragments were pulled. The Habsburgs called this piece the true Lance of Longinus.

It was also considered their most valuable treasure because of what it contains and that is the actual authentic bone of Christ that has been transformed into a diamond. Now, to be clear, this was not given to us by the Habsburg, it was smuggled out by a source that we cannot reveal due to their continual ties with the House of Habsburg. If the Habsburgs knew who had smuggled the piece out, they would not hesitate to kill them because that is how powerful, rare and valuable this piece had been to them.

This is easily one of the most if not the most miraculous pieces we have come across in a very long time. There is nothing it will not grant you that is not good for you. You can choose to master whatever power you desire or you can allow it to give you visions of Christ if that is what you truly desire. Or even both. You can gain white light time treading, which is essentially the ability to walk through Heaven freely. Should you cross paths with God, you will be able to look upon his face and discover his true identity. You can walk into the light of God and be totally, physically, mentally and spiritually aligned with him and the first legion of angels. This item is a powerful and unique piece that will never be replicated. This ring is the exact meaning of supernatural.

This is 14Kt white gold. The center pair diamond is how the diamond was made from the bone chip. It is surrounded by 24 side diamonds, which, in total add up to a 1 carot diamond.

I want you sit there and take a moment to really think about what it means to have a piece like this. What it would feel like to be able to access power as immense as that of Jesus Christ. It is likely beyond your imagination and I can guarantee you that whatever you are imagining cannot even come close to what you will actually experience. I can say this because it is from my own personal experience. This piece has changed my life beyond words.


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