Laveau's Voodoo Writer

Laveau's Voodoo Writer

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Sometimes we do things for business.  Other times we do things for fun.  We were doing this for fun when this piece was dropped into our hands.  We can now offer it to you after running it through several extensive tests.  

We were having a seance when we were feeling brave-- brave enough to pull through Marie Laveau.  To be honest, we weren't using any type of magical item, just good old candlelight spells.  I didn't think that it was going to work without some kind of magic, but it did.  

When we pulled the VooDoo Queen through, she was in full spiritual form.  I could make out every facial feature.  I could smell the incense she brought with her.  She was adorned from head to foot with all kind of jewels and jewelry.  She said nothing, but she didn't have to.  Her presence was powerful enough. 

She only remained for a few seconds, but in those few seconds, this piece fell off of her wrist.  She hasn't come back for it.  I doubt she even knows it is missing.  This piece is a wrap bracelet that will fit a male or a female when you wear it, you are given the ability to write out Voodoo spells. 

Normally Voodoo spells would require something more-- an incense, a voodoo doll, something of that nature.  With this piece, all you have to do is write down the spell you wish to cast and burn it by the flame of a red candle.  What you have written shall be cast.  It is as simple as that.  You can use this piece to write and cast literally any Voodoo spell that you want.  

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