Leap of Faith, Dola spirit / Star33
Leap of Faith, Dola spirit / Star33

Leap of Faith, Dola spirit / Star33

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Leap of Faith / Star33


Dola is the spirit of fate and each person is born with one. The nature of a Dola can be many things and it often inherits similar traits as the Dola attached to the parents, which influences the luck their children will have. It is believed that Dola are appeased by one who wakes early, works diligently throughout the day, and generally behaves responsibly and they will bring the one that they are attached to happiness and riches in return.

Because of this, it is also believed that people technically have control or at least some influence over their Dola. One of the most common ways to communicate with one's Dola or the Dola of another is via Pendulum or Tarot Card reading, after which a person will become conscious of their Dola's plans for their future and they can make the conscious effort to change it.

However, it is also generally believed that, because Dola are influenced by the the Dola attached to either of their parents, their fate could end up completely beyond their control.

This piece exist with the purpose of combating that unfortunate occurrence. It's best used while lying out a deck of cards to change your destiny if your destiny isn't looking good, but it'll can also be changed without those things. If the general fate of your life is negative, this piece can be used to change that.

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