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The potential of aliens having been around for centuries and perhaps even thousands of years isn’t definite but it’s certainly not impossible either. By now, I feel like most of us can agree on that.


There’s a lot of skepticism about their motives and whether or not they’re destructive. We have quite a bit of evidence that hints at many of the aliens being in positions of power—some more powerful than you think. One does have to wonder if they’re all as cynical as we’ve cracked them up to be, however. Or is it that their attempts are actually just influenced by what they believe to be the most effective steps to achieve a better world?


We’ve all heard our fair share of horrific alien encounters too, ones where everyone is horribly afraid and feel threatened. Being abducted is definitely a disorienting experience—it’s unlikely also that it can even be absorbed properly for the experience it actually is—and no one can really take that from those who have been abducted. However, let’s take a moment to consider the opposite end of this spectrum.


In 1968, two teenagers who worked at a summer camp—Buff Ledge—claimed to have been abducted. They described a far more tame experience, if you ask me. Of course words like strange and disturbing do come to mind but not on the same level as other stories I’ve heard. During this endeavor, the teenagers found themselves aboard a mysterious aircraft and the alleged aliens had proceeded to take several samples from each of their bodies.


However, the aliens also experienced the desire for our world to achieve peace and they also had revealed that they were on a mission to make our planet as peaceful as theirs… wherever that may be. That’s all fine and eerie and all but how exactly were these aliens able to communicate this? Are they fluent in all languages or is it that their language is one that reaches the ears of all as one that they can understand? Or is it a form of a technology that’s responsible? Who knows… perhaps we’ll never understand why they must be both elusive and yet scary when they do decide to make themselves known.


Regardless of the answers or what one might believe, if there’s one thing that can be said for certain, it’s that aliens really do love to leave breadcrumbs behind from each of their visits.


This piece was found nearby the exact location of that the teenagers had been abducted and it has only more recently come to our possession. We were told that it had originally been lodged into the ground, almost like a piece of shrapnel, but had shifted in appearance into what it is now upon being pulled from the dirt.


A prominent energy revolves around this item. Regardless of whether or not you already possess magic or abilities of any sort, it doesn’t require the existence of such to function. We have had several different individuals test this and it functions similarly between them all. You will experience psychic awareness and ability, telekinetic ability, and a short jumps both forward and backwards in time. Why aliens are so careless with these things is beyond me.

We had this piece tested and marked. This is sterling and a size 8 and a half.

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