Lights.  Camera.  Action.   Meow.

Lights. Camera. Action. Meow.

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This piece is all about Lights, Camera, Action.  It is for fame and the inevitable wealth that comes along with that fame.  This piece once belonged to a very high-profile television star who has since passed away.  As part of the agreement that we receive this piece, we assured the person giving it to us that we would not release the name of the person to who this piece once belonged.  This piece was created by a Hollywood producer and given to the actress that once owned it to help her rebound her fame when she was at a low point in her life.  She loved cats, so it was a very befitting gift.  Anyway,  she went on to star in one of everybody's favorite televisions shows.  This is the same kind of effect that this magic will have on you.  I'm not saying that you have to be at a low level in life for this piece to work, because whether you are or not, this piece will grant you the fame and wealth that you deserve in whatever form you want them to come to you in.   It is all facilitated by this glamours kitty pin.  We call her Miss Fame.

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