Lilith's Seduction of All
Lilith's Seduction of All

Lilith's Seduction of All

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This piece is extremely powerful, I guess how you use it would be determined by your end game and why you want really want to accomplish by using this piece. TO begin with, this piece is one of Lilith's original possessions. Forget about having Nymphadora, this piece goes straight to the root of the power. This piece was actually owned by Lilith at one point in time. She would wear it during her sexual romps so she could obtain the energies from her encounters and keep them to make the other powers that wanted. You see, sexual energies are some of the most powerful and can be used to pretty much design any type of magical power that you want.

This leads me into how this piece works. It works in many ways. First and foremost, this piece can be used for the seduction of all entities living or dead. No that doesn't mean that you are going to be going around having sex with dead bodies. What this means is that this piece can also be used to seduce the likes of spirits, souls, vampires or any other entity that might not necessarily be human or alive. It will allow you to seduce all the entities that you want to seduce. This energy allows you to appear beautiful and appealing to those around you. It will make your voice sound sweet and suggestible and you will speak with the powers of a siren. As you say something, people are going to want to do it, so that way they can please you. All they will want to do is to please you. This works on both human and non-human soul forms.

Secondly, this piece allows you to have the best sex you have ever experienced. It brings you the sexual powers of Lilith and offers tantalizing astral orgasms. It doesn't matter who you are doing it with, this piece will allow their body to be taken over by the powers and the result will be riveting, sensual orgasms that will leave you yelling and screaming for more. This piece also allows having one-on-one sexual encounters with Lilith, whether you are a man or a woman, as she doesn't care. It offers that same sexual encounter and astral orgasming, but as you are orgasming, the energies will be stored in your piece. These energies will later help you in creating your own attributes such as wealth, luck, healing, psychic awakening, etc.

Almost forgot, this piece also allows you to use your powers of seduction for mind control. This is a very powerful implement in getting what you want from people-- raises, jobs, business arrangements, money, favors, etc. When you are wearing this piece, just as attempting to seduce somebody for sexual purposes, you can use your voice of suggestibility to tell people what to do and they will oblige because that's the kind of seduction that Lilith owns and is passing onto you

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