Linguistic Alchemy, the Art of Spoken Words

Linguistic Alchemy, the Art of Spoken Words

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Abracadabra has been one of the most used and is probably the most popular "magic word" in history. It was used by the ancient Quintus Serenus Sammonicus, who used the word in an upside down. He prescribed a magical amulet that the emperor Caracalla wore in the third century AD to ward off evil spirits and to keep him in good health.

To be honest it's not that there is any magical merit in the word abracadabra in and of itself. However, when the letters are combined in such a way, it creates magic. This because just as there are sacred geometry and sacred mathematics, there is also sacred linguistics. In other words, this is the magical knowledge of how spoken words interact with one another to create powers, magic, and other types of energies.

Ancient Linguistic Alchemists have spent years tirelessly trying to discover every possible combination of words that could bring about a magical reaction. They have figured many of them out, but they have left a ton undiscovered.

This is s spirit item that holds the presence of the ancient Quintus Sammonicus. When you wear this piece, he will set his magic into your mind so that way you will be able to see how certain words magically react with other certain words, even down to how letter interact with other letters. This is how he created the word abracadabra. He will teach you how to make your own spell, chants, and incantations using the power of words and how the magical effects they have on one another.

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