Lips of an Angel:  Suriel

Lips of an Angel: Suriel

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Raviniska, who is an all white being, assisted us in summoning angels to make a collection of pieces.  We are calling these pieces Lips of an Angel.  Each piece provides a white light 3rd Eye Awakening that allows you gain a connection with the angel that has been conjured into your piece.  You must wear this piece for three full days before you will begin to make a connection to it.  After that third day, your angel will make a connection with based on when it feels you are ready.  When using these pieces, if you don't get a strong connection right away, don't feel discouraged.  Doubt and dissension is a tool that demons use to impede white light magic.  Your angel will appear to you in full form and it will give you the powers attributed to him.  
This piece brings you the presence of the angel, Suriel.  He is the healing angel of God.  He gives both spiritual and physical healing, aiding in the relief of physical pain that your body might be causing, as well as clearing of karma and your aura.  

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