Lizard Lips and the Reptilian Guard
Lizard Lips and the Reptilian Guard

Lizard Lips and the Reptilian Guard

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Witches vs Aliens?  Yeah, so that's a real thing.  There is a secret supernatural war going on between witches and aliens, but not so much aliens as a whole, but more like the reptilian aliens that are trying to take over the planet.  They populate like cockroaches.  The witches, who worship the Earth that we live on aren't very fond of their invasion, so they've taken it upon themselves to exterminate.  

If you think about it, the reptilians and the witches aren't that much different.  The witches use Earth magic and the aliens use cosmic magic.  They are both naturally occurring forces that can be found in nature.  Witches are increasingly learning how to harness the powers of cosmic magic, but they hold an advantage over the Reptilians because they can manipulate Earth magic as they have been doing it for thousands of years.  Reptilians are learning how to combat Earth magic, but they have the upper hand in directing the cosmos.  As you can imagine their battle has come to a stalemate, but it doesn't mean that witches don't hate reptilians.  

In fact, they have created this piece for humans who wish to join their front.  They call them the Reptilian Guard.  They call the reptilians "Lizard Lips."  I guess witches have a bad temper sometimes.  Now, I'm not saying that just because you have this piece means that you must join their front.  I'm just saying that this is what it was intended for.  When you wear this piece, first and foremost, you gain a psychic connection to the reptilians.  You will be able to see and locate them wherever they are. 

You will gain a metaphysical armor that cannot be pierced by most forms of magic.  You will gain a psychic awakening that allows you to use telekinesis to move things with your mind and by making gestures.  You will gain a collection of psychic attack powers such as the ability to freeze people in their tracks, the ability to turn things into fire, the ability give of a mind-crippling ultrasonic brainwave, and the ability to completely drain others of their powers.  

 While wearing your piece you can write down a power that you want, seal it with blood, and burn it by a candle flame.  It will then become yours.  You can do this for up to five power.  As you can see, this piece is pretty powerful.  I guess you don't want to get on a witch's bad side.  Do with it what you want, but you always have the choice to join their alliance if you want to.  

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