Lock 'em Down Loads of Wealth Bracelet
Lock 'em Down Loads of Wealth Bracelet

Lock 'em Down Loads of Wealth Bracelet

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There are four of these pieces and they are very simple to use. They have been supercharged with magic thanks to a spell that was cast on them by our favorite gypsy witch, Grizzelle. They were made during a Moonspell during that last blood moon that we had a month or so ago. This is why they are so powerful and how they are able to reach through the realms, locate the magic, bring that magic to you, and lock it down so that way it will always be with you and you can always use it. 

We have four of these "Lock 'Em Down" down bracelets, each selling for $38.00 and each one of them will be listed separately, but each listing will contain the same description, so make sure you read the listing to make sure you know which item you are getting. Here are what these four bracelets will do for you. 

To begin with, the power begins when you put this piece around lock it into place. This seals the deal and begins the process by which the magic will come to you. 

Heart Bracelet-- This piece locks down every love spell and/or magic. That's right, this one does them all. It will allow you to cast love spells upon that one person that you've always been in love with but nothing ever seems to materialize. Or, you can ditch that person since they've never really paid attention to you anyway, and this piece will bring forth a new true love for you. You can use this piece if you're in a relationship to better communication and compatibility. You can also use this piece for amazing sex if you want to. It will not only provide amazing orgasms, but it will also cause you and your partner's minds to be open during sex, so that way you experience all those kinky things you've seen in 50 Shades of Grey-- if you want to. 

Key-- This piece is the key to success. It literally allows you to find success it whatever it is you choose to do with your life. If you want to be an actor or actress, then this piece will allow you to win more roles. If you want to be a famous music artist, then this piece will allow you to score that huge record deal. Best selling author, famous artist, fashion designer-- it will do them all. Maybe you aren't much for that kind of fame and all you really want to be successful at is settling down and opening up an animal rescue shelter. This piece will help you with that, too. Literally, whatever you want to be successful at, this piece will lock down the magic to help you with it. 

Square-- This bracelet is for astral and psychic awakening. The square represents the box that it is your life. The magic that this piece brings to you is going to help you live outside the box. In other words, this piece is going to seek and find the magic that will heighten your awareness to give you a full psychic awakening. When I say full, I mean that this piece is going to give you mastery over all psychic abilities, not just some. There will not be a psychic ability that you are not fully capable of when you are using this piece. This will also cause an astral awakening because it goes hand in hand with psychic awakening. This will allow you to leave your body is spirit form and travel anywhere you choose to in the astral realms. 

Plain Hook-- this piece may look plain compared to the other three but make no mistake. This plain hook holds a power that hooks in wealth. This wealth will give you incredible results and that is because the magic in this piece will never quit searching for wealth. I mean, that is what it was designed to do, so it will quite literally never stop. This piece will bring you varying types of wealth from across many different spectrums of your life. From hitting it big in the casino to earning you that raise and quarterly bonus, this piece will assure that you will want for nothing in the financial department.

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