Lord Boleskine's Seed of the Sanguine
Lord Boleskine's Seed of the Sanguine

Lord Boleskine's Seed of the Sanguine

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I must begin by saying that this is a more contemporary piece, but it nonetheless boasts a strange amount of power.  By strange I mean that usually the more ancient a power or piece, most often correlates to how powerful the piece or power will be.  This one simply defies the odds of logic and despite being made by the contemporaries of one Aleister Crowley, it contains all the power of any of the pieces that have recovered that have been made as far back as the times of the Sumerians.  I suppose that this can be considered a true testament to exactly how powerful the magic of Aleister Crowley really was. 

The Boleskine House was once known as the Manor of Boleskine and Abetarff.  The original structure was built in the 10th Century, but was restructured into a hunting lodge in the 18th Century.  I cannot seem to recall ever hearing about the remodeling of the lodge, but then again I probably did not give it much thought at that point in time.  I only took a keen interest in the location once it changed hands in 1899, when Aleister Crowley assumed ownership over the property.  He changed the name of the manor to the Boleskine House.  I learned later that his intentions for making purchase of the property was that he wanted use the place to house his experiments with black magic and other types of magic.  I cannot accurately identify these types of magic, as I was not there to witness them personally. 

What I know for a sure fact is that ever since Crowley owned the place, it seems like the Realtors in charge of the place cannot seem to find anyone to permanently keep stay in the location.  Most stay a mere few weeks before they give up attempting to reside on the premises.  Many stories have populated.  You know how rumors like to grow wings and fly.  Again, I cannot personally attest to any of them, because I have not witness them.  I can only attest to what I have seen myself, but more on that later. 

Aleister Crowley was born in Warwickshire to wealthy parents.  I am sure that this had more than a little bit to do with the fact that he was so wildly successful in the first place.  When people are impoverished, they do not really have the time necessary to explore options.  They are pretty much just forced to work and believe what they are told to believe.  There is not really much of a mind for these types of people.  I am not necessarily implying that they are stupid, there is just no time or energy for creativity.  Aleister Crowley was by no means held back.  He abandoned all that he had learned by his fundamentalist Christian Church at a young age to pursue an interest in Western esotericism

In the year 1898 Aleister was admitted to the ranks of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.  Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers and Allan Bennett did a fine job of training Crowley in ceremonial and ritual magic.  In 1899 Crowley relocated into the Boleskine House and married one Rose Edith Kelly shortly after.  They planned a elaborate honeymoon to Cairo in 1904.  This sounds like a romantic getaway, no?  Well, while Crowley was here he had an epiphany that could rival that of Saul on the Road to Damascus.  I remember hearing about his vision, during which he was contacted by an entity who called itself Aiwass.  He graciously gave Crowley the Book of the Law, which is a sacred text that served as the basis for Crowley's movement, called Thelema

The movement called Thelema was quite a sensation.  It brought a sense of calming over the people with its motto, "Do what thou wilt," whereby one seeks to align him or herself with their true will through the practice of Magick.  Crowley has proven himself to one of the greatest sorcerers since then.  With the Book of Law under his arm, he set off to perfect his magic, which he spelled magick.  I guess they are one in the same, as this is not the first time I have seen magick spelled this way.  It came to pass that Crowley moved back to the Boleskine House, obsessing with his magic.  He did eventually move out of the house, admitting that his magick had gotten the better of him.  At the time, I personally thought this was some sort of cop out for some other purpose.  It is alleged that he was part of the British Intelligence Agency, so I suppose nobody will ever no the real reason why he left.  I can tell you that the rest of the people left after complaints of strange goings-on in the lodge turned magical laboratory. 

It is from this Boleskine House that Aleister Crowley developed the nickname Lord Boleskine.  Additionally, this house has provided me with the piece that was developed by the contemporaries of Crowley, who have secretly been serving Crowley's purposes on the property since he left, despite the fact that it has changed ownership several times.  It is quite possible that the people who have owned the home have been contemporaries of his, as well.  Upon this I can only speculate.  What I can tell you for a fact is that while I was visiting the house, I called upon Aleister Crowley, I called upon him.

In what seemed like a haze he arrived to me.  He was not all too happy that he was disturbed, but I merely explained to him that I am an immortal searching for truth and answers, that it is my absolute quest in the immortal life I have been handed.  I conferred with him for a long time and he was patient to answer my questions.  I must say that he is more of a dark soul, himself.  That does not necessarily mean those accustom to Thelema are dark, as the motto really is, "do what thou wilt," and that is pretty much self-explanatory. 

A lot of what he told me shall remain confidential.  At the end of our conversation he guided me through the house to a chest.  He instructed me to open the chest and pointed out which piece to take, telling me to figure it out on my own.  It had been made by a group of his most devoted followers.  With that, he was gone.  I took the piece with me, but it has taken to me quite a many years to solve the mystery to the piece, but I have finally figured in out.  In the piece is what I call the seed of the sanguine, and I believe he pointed this piece out to me to help me understand that no one type of existence is necessarily true existence.  There are multiple types of existence over a sphere of plains of reality.  Who you choose to be ultimately depends on your true destiny, which you must reveal to yourself by aligning yourself with your true will.  This piece is just one example of embarking upon this journey, but it is very, very powerful. 

This piece holds the Seed of the Sanguine.  With it, you will be able bear life from the void.  The void are the energies that exist wherever existence does not occur.  These energies are the very energies that are used for existence and to create destinies for lives.  The white seed of life in this black ring is the part that emits the energy and will allow you birth an Immortal Sanguine.   This sanguine will first come to you a hatchling vampire, but it will grow quickly.  It will be given the ability to share your body with you and as it grows in power, so will you.  You will retain all the powers of the hatchling sanguine as it gains them.  This means that sooner than later, you will possess all the powers of a true sanguine vampire, even though yours will only ever exist in spirit form.  It is a very compelling piece that will force you to question what you have ever believed to be true about existence.  It will allow you to realize the only things that are ever true are those things that you believe to be true.  There is no telling the amount of powers and magic you will gain with this piece, as this vampire will curtail your magical needs as it grows.  Remember, it is sharing your body! 


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