Lord of the Webs
Lord of the Webs

Lord of the Webs

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This creative creature stems from Mesoamerica and is a creation creature, not one of darkness. She is a female that would be shown depicting her sitting on a web she had weaved for those she took care of. Below her sat humans enjoying life with no fears or anxiety. Above their heads were tiny bubbles that showed all they wanted. Only the web weaver could see these.

Was she truly a spider? No but rather a web crawler searching for info on those she wanted to protect and give dreams and wealth along with good health and fantasy too.

Her version of fantasy was weaving the web the humans she took favor on wanted, it was always what they wanted.

She is an entity born under the sign Virgo who holds the ability of the Cancers intuition to give what is not needed but wanted!

To use this piece you will wear it with the spider showing and then the next day flip it over to a complete web of your desires and wishes.

There is only one of these and her name is Tempest.

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