Lost City of Helike | STAR
Lost City of Helike | STAR
Lost City of Helike | STAR
Lost City of Helike | STAR

Lost City of Helike | STAR

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There was a lost city that was uncovered in 2001, within which there was an obscene amount of history left behind. It had nearly been wiped clean from the face of the Earth thousands of years ago by an earthquake and tsunami. The city was originally one that had been erected as the center place of worship for Poseidon.

They had a large number of well preserved corpses, some of which the cause of death was still clear despite the mummies being over 2,000 years old. There were mummies that appeared to have sustained no damage whatsoever while there were others that had clearly been tortured. There were also a select few mummies that appeared to have been strangled. All of these mummies, every last one, were sacrifices. It is uncertain whether or not they were sacrificed individually or if they were sacrificed in masses.

A while after the mummies were discovered, there were a number of artifacts discovered afterwards - clay pots, tablets and even jewelry. Upon the pots and tablets, there are many symbols and bits of writing that appeared to suggest rituals and other forms of magic. However, we do not know for sure. Most of what is left behind is damaged and is missing too much information to draw solid conclusions.

Something bizarre that did not escape our notice was the water flow, which ran uphill. At the time, the majority of the people that came to visit this place had no idea how it was possible. There was no thin layer of air beneath the water that carried it up the hills, it just pulled up any form of incline that there was and fell over edges naturally. There were actual streams that ran toward a particular area within the city. There is a small opening. The door is cracked and you have to wedge yourself inside. Only I had managed to get inside because of how narrow the opening was. Whether or not you are a person with claustrophobia, it is difficult to handle.

It leads down into a small entry way below the city - it was likely a gateway at one time. The place was lined with waterfalls, all of which rose rather than fell. There were also small specs of water that levitated in the air, which grew thicker toward the center of the room. As I drew closer, the water constricted my body and carried me closer toward the center where there was a boulder upon which there was a stream of light beating down from the ceiling. There were no other openings above that we were aware of so it remains unknown how or why that was possible.

This piece materialized on top of the bounder right before my eyes. There was a very low ringing sound the entire time it was created. A moment later, the light dimmed. When I took this item from the boulder, the water completely enveloped me. I thought that I was going to die. I thought that I had done something I wasn't supposed to do. I felt the water pull me further and further down. It was dark and it seemed as though it would never end. Just when I thought I was going to drown, I broke above the surface of a small body of water nearby. I could even see my colleagues still surrounding the small entry way I had crawled through waiting for me.

To this day, we are not sure about that small gateway. We just assume that the place we entered is sacred and likely not a place we would have been allowed to go if we had been alive when the city had been new.

This item has been tested multiple times since our return. We are not sure how it exists or who exactly created it or why it was given to me but we know it to be beneficial. This piece bestows great wealth and fortune without limit. We also discovered that it helps healing, especially if you are in contact with water. The piece does not have to be touched by the water but if you or a part of your body is touching clean water while in possession of it, it increases the rate at which you heal. Additionally, you slowly gain abilities over time. It first comes to you in the form of energy that builds over time and then, after a while, you can gather it and use it abilities of your choice.

We allowed a few colleagues to test this piece, each for one year just to see how much it would develop. One gained a strong telekinetic ability - she could move or manipulate anything with her mind. Another used it for psychic powers, which grew to be incredibly powerful and accurate over the course of the year.

Whatever ability you desire, you need only think of it and allow it to grow, which it will. We only tested this piece for a year per person and they gained powerful abilities. We imagine that the power could become something far more extraordinary if allowed even more time.

This bracelet is very old - definitely an antique. All that we truly know about it is what we have told you.

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