Lost Power of the Inca Empire | STAR
Lost Power of the Inca Empire | STAR
Lost Power of the Inca Empire | STAR

Lost Power of the Inca Empire | STAR

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The start of the Inca's belief in the sun god was not something that most believed over time at random. It was constructed around the actual existence of a real supernatural being that someone claimed to have seen with their own eyes. It started as an elaborate story that caused a stir. Not everyone was difficult to convince but just like with most religions, there are always a certain number of people that need actual proof. When an extended amount of time went by, after consecutive years of no proof of the existence of the one they worshiped, people who had lost their faith in the god became more vocal about their views. It resulted in the division of the society.

Additionally, it got the attention of a very ancient being: the sun god himself. When you try to talk down about a god or suggest openly that they don't exist, sometimes they make appearances for no other purpose than to demand the respect, worship and loyalty they believe themselves to be entitled to.

This is what happened to the Inca people.

Their king - the first bold enough to do so - claimed himself to be a god when he took the throne. In fact, rather than king, he demanded that he be addressed or spoke as though he were a god. For as long as there has been time, there has been power and magic: he claimed to be the embodiment of both... If anyone were to speak to him directly, they were never to look in his eyes. If he was talking, all would go silent and listen or risk being executed for disrespecting the king. If he ordered someone to do something, they were required to do it. If anyone was caught speaking negatively of him, they were killed.

The response to this was the near-premature extinction of the Inca people when the sun god, in response to this disrespect, completely halted any outside form of wealth and supply. They were not given money, food, rain or clean water. There was even a point in which the sun god weakened his veil of protection over them and allowed the plague to kill a significant number of them, leaving only 25-30% of the original population at one point.

The blasphemous king was also exposed for being a faux king when he too became affected by the plague. Whispers of blasphemy became rampant and a group of occultist rebels soon formed. They became increasingly active and openly against the king's reign when it became apparent that the sun god had been offended. Humans did not become pulled into this group until its development had been further along. By this time, their 'faux god' king had managed to continue to survive the plague.

They developed a plan to get the king removed from the throne and thus get the good restored back into the empire. They chose a man born from a supernatural birth; one who is the product of a woman being impregnated through magic. In other words, an authentic and supernaturally inclined individual from the start.

Despite being supernaturally influenced, the boy was not royalty. He was not a warrior and he was not someone that would be even remotely worthy of the throne in the eyes of the Inca people. Many of the ancient Inca occultists believed that the actual son God was appeased most by gold and often used gold in any attempt to interact with him so they, before they attempted to conjure the sun god, covered the man from head to toe in a series of specially made jewelry. It was meant as a tribute to persuade the son god to be cooperative when he was conjured.

The ritual was success, the sun god did appear before them and he did accept the offering despite being displeased by the human's disrespect toward him. When asked what they wanted from him, the occultists asked for the removal of the false god king in favor of a real one - one worthy of the throne and is people. In return, they would gather gold and other treasures for the sun god and also spread and enforce teachings of him.

The sun god agreed. He chose one of the many jewelry pieces upon the alleged sacrifice and transformed it into a sealed vessel of his own power and presented it back to the sacrifice who he declared the next king - his first son. He was granted immense power, including the ability to shift forms, telekinetic influence, time-walking, psychic empowerment, clairvoyance, enhanced memory, invisibility and mastery over a selective power of their own choice.

Each time the Inca elected a new king, the sun god's power would be drawn into the new king when he came in contact with the piece and he would become known as the Ancient Sapa Inca - son of the sun god. His power was considered above all other forms of power available to humans - the king was ultimately a celestial being among mortals and the mortals were entitled to serve him. It is believed that the Sapa Inca, once ascended, was no longer human at all. At the end of their reign, the Sapa Inca's spirit would also leave his body and enter the ring where he could and would live eternally.

So, not only does this piece have all that was stated above but it also contains the power and progression of all of the previous ancient Sapa Inca whose magic has been drawn back into it.

To activate this piece, you will need to wear it under two forms of authentic light - the sun and the moon. The moon should be done after the moon because the rays of the sun are what open the piece up and reveal the encryptions that are activated with the moon. The reason the moon is required to activate this piece is because the sun's light reflects off of the moon and that particular form of light is the one that fuels the dual magic attached to this piece.

Once activated, this piece ascends you into a godlike position of power and you will gain the immense power of an ancient Sapa Inca. It makes it extremely powerful.


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