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We travel all over the United States and even the world to witness some of the greatest places both with haunting history and some without. Libraries have become some of our favorite places to go and the John Hay Library was at the top of our list. Once you hear that they not only have one book bound in human skin but three you find a way to get there.
As we drove in Rhode Island I already felt amazing. I was so excited to see the library. Not only did it hold such incredible things but just the name alone was exciting. The library was named John Hay after the private secretary and assistant to President Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln is one of my favorite presidents coming up second to John F Kennedy. So when I started doing some research on the library and found out that Lincoln was tied to this (even just a little), I immediately volunteered to go along. I just had a feeling something awesome would either happen or be found there and I didn't want to miss one second of it.
The building was breathtaking. The new renovation they did made everything look brand new even though a lot of it was still original. Everything seemed to have a glow about it. Of course, I was interested in seeing everything Abraham Lincoln. So after we seen the 3 anthropodermic books (books bound in skin) we were taken to see the collection of Charles Woodberry McLellan. He was one of the 5 greatest collectors of everything Lincoln at the turn of the 20th century. This collection was later acquired for Brown University in 1923. I remembered while doing my research that John Hay himself said that Abe “read Shakespeare more than all other writers together,” so I began looking through the books Lincoln had read himself for Shakespeare. As soon as I saw, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare my heart about jumped out of my chest. I began reading it and something fell to the floor. I thought to myself, “Good job! You broke it”. I bent down to pick it up and I saw it was not a page from the book but an old folded piece of paper. I quickly checked to see if anyone was close by and thankfully everyone was too fascinated by the books bound in skin.
I knew books are checked before being entered into the library and I also knew Charles would have found the paper himself so this was rather strange. I opened the paper carefully and could see the words written in ink but they were a little faded and I couldn't make them out in the not so bright light of the room. I know I should not have done it but I had to know what it said. I slipped the paper into my pocket and continued reading Shakespeare as if nothing happens.
Once we got back to Pa, I told everyone what I had found. After getting much better lighting and reading the paper we found out it was a secret letter written by Abraham to his secretary John Hay. He was telling him that a special item was to be found and hidden because though it was not a treasured family heirloom it was special to him. The letter said exactly where to find it and where to hid it, Cooper Union New York. Like always I did a little research on the area before we left. Not only was this a beautiful college but it was where a huge step in his presidency took place. In the Great Hall of this Manhattan college, Abraham gave a grand speech which won over the Easterners and skyrocketed him to President of the United States. A historian named Harold Holzer said, "This is where it became real for Lincoln when he became a national figure,". What a great place to hid something sentimental.
Just like the letter said we went to the third tree from the iron lectern and began to dig. People were looking at us like we were crazy but we knew what we were digging for was something special. The letter had mentioned that this piece gave Lincoln great wisdom and strength as he fought and lead the north during the Civil War. No one knew he was wearing it because it could be hidden so well. Trying to win something so important like the Civil War was not something he took lightly and because of this piece he says, “without the knowledge from this treasure, I may have let the entire nation down”. We soon hit a tiny wooden box. I quickly put it in my big purse and got back to Pa as fast as we could.
The powers Lincoln describes are still as strong as ever before. Clearing of the mind, immense knowledge, and understanding of intense details, internal strength, and bravery, even a hint of seeing the future. This is a piece that is not only historical but powerful. I can not wait to visit the John Hay library again.
We had to do a seance on this piece to ask spirits we normally speak to in order to find out how this was made. We learned that it was made by a very powerful birthed witch. She placed more then what is mentioned into this locket. You make it yours by placing your picture or a piece of your hair inside. The cells in your hair and the energy you carry make it work for you. This gives you full psychic ability, power, stamina, intelligence and the ability to call forth spirits of witches to help you in anyway. The main goal of this piece is giving you knowledge to gain power and a better life. This is a antique piece and the diamonds could be mined diamonds and real.

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