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This is the only one I have like this that I have. This ring is made of heavy plastic but will feel light on your finger. You may say it is not worth a lot as far as material goes but it is the magic that you want.

This is so easy to use. You would wear it on any finger, index, thumb, it doesn't matter. It will heat to your body temp and then when you touch someone the magic begins.

Whatever you feel for the person or situation they are in will be placed into them and they will feel the same way. So as an example if you feel you should get the promotion because you are the best person for the job, when you shake your bosses hands they too will feel as you do. This will then get you the job.

If you feel a certain way about someone or a situation and you touch them they too will feel the same way. The feelings will slowly over come them and it takes about a week. If the situation is complex give a few touches on different days so place the feelings in deeper. 

This ring is not flashy and not made out of expensive material but the work that when into it was long and touch. Plastic had to be used in the making of this piece. The woman that made it comes from Mainland China and gives advice and readings to business men that fly in to see her. She is well known in her area and has consulted with many. She is accurate and direct. When not doing readings she will make pieces custom for people. I met her through a famous woman I sometimes work with. I now work with this woman on and off and she will do custom work if needed. If that is what you want then just ask and I can get it done. It can take a few weeks due to shipping but any material can be used and any situation can be taken care of.

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