Lucky Leppies, Luck 2 Go

Lucky Leppies, Luck 2 Go

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You are receiving a shamrock/heart keychain.  

If you feel like you are constantly down on your luck, then this is the piece for you.  This is a keychain that holds four of our famous lucky leppies.  They have not specialized in an area of luck for you yet, but they can bring any kind of luck that you want.  They also do not have names.  When you get th keychain you will see that it is in the shape of a shamrock made up of four small hearts.  You will hold each heart between your thumb and index finger and mentally assign each leppie a name and kind of luck they will grant you.  There are four leppies so you will gain luck in four areas of your life such as love, wealth, business, communication, sorcery, health, etc.  You can use this as a keychain and carry it with you anywhere you go, this way your luck never runs dry!!!

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