Madame Tess' Looking Glass
Madame Tess' Looking Glass
Madame Tess' Looking Glass

Madame Tess' Looking Glass

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Just when you think that we couldn't come up with anything more earth shattering than the pieces that we have already come up with, we came up with this piece.  Well, we didn't exactly, "come up" with it.  It took us to go on a rather mentally and spiritually grueling investigation for us to discover this powerful relic and all that it has to offer you.  This piece is an original Voodoo piece, but it's not like the dolls or the other relics that you will find on our website.  This piece is extremely powerful, because it actually holds the soul of a very, very powerful spirit.   
Even to this day, if you go down South, you will find small Voodoo communities.  They may not advertise that they are Voodoo communities, but just like you find mall communities that go to the same church, who all know eachothers' business and affairs, they have small towns like that down South.  The only difference is that the main religion in these communities happens to be Voodoo, and they happen to not be so hypocritical or vindictive.  They thrive on one thing and one thing alone- and that is the magic that their Voodoo brings to them.  
We found this piece in one such community, while we were traveling to New Orleans one of the time we went.  We've honestly had this piece for such a long time that I entirely forget which trip it comes from.  All I can remember is that is that it was from a small place off of the highway.  We don't always stay at the first motel that pops up.  We tend to travel around a little bit once we get off the highway.  I mean, there's not point in going on a excursion, if you aren't going to at least experience a little bit of what the area has to offer, right?  A lot of these little towns that we happen upon, it's like they are time capsules.  I'm thoroughly convinced that even the government has forgotten about them.  
One time we came across a small town, the name of which I can't remember at present.  If I remember it by the end of this case file, I will let you know.  We came into this town about five miles off of the highway.  We were fixing to stay at a Knights Inn, but we pulled into a small gas station to get gas and some iced tea, when we were approached by a lady with one eye.  She was simply inquisitive as to what were doing, "in these parts".  We informed her as to why we were traveling and she eventually told us that if we needed a place to stay in town, she knew a person who had a small motel.   
Deedee was a little hesitant, because she doesn't necessarily like what we call the "sausage motels."  Those are the motels where we imagine we might get murdered and ground up in to human sausages and served at the continental breakfast the following morning.  However, the people seemed alright, just a little homely.  We agreed to stay at the motel for the price of $30 for the night.  This was much cheaper than the Knights Inn by the highway, so it was a win-win.  
We made ourselves comfortable in the air conditioning that was cold as a freezer.  I love rooms like that.  We settled in for the night, but that was until we heard a bump coming from the floor above us.  It came around two in the morning and we would've tried to sleep through it, but it was nearly impossible.  Instead, we decided we'd go investigate.  We were extremely quiet about, but we were shocked at what we found.  I thought for sure we were being set up or somebody was going to walk in on us like the movies, but nobody ever did.  
In the attic we found an older woman, locked in what I could call a cage, but looked more like a jail cell.  When we asked her why she was there, she simply told us she didn't know.  she ask us to get her out, but we didn't have a key.  It took us a while to calm the woman down, but we agreed that we'd ask somebody about her in the morning.  On the way out of the attic, we found this wooden chest engraved with the name Madame Tess.  Being nosey as we usually are, we opened up the chest and there were a bunch of strange looking things from shrunken heads, to dismember animal parts.  There was human hair and fingernail clippings, but what stuck out the most was this looking glass.  
The looking glass is obviously glass on one side, decorated with flowers on the others, with a real jade handle.  We knew at once that the energies that were give off from the piece were extraordinary, so instead of taking more than one thing, we only took this.  Maybe we shouldn't have, but we didn't know who Madame Tess was, it didn't seem like anybody had been in the chest for quite a bit of time and well-- we love magic.  We didn't feel as bad after we woke up the next morning and the same lady who was locked up in the attic was downstairs serving us breakfast as is nothing had ever happened.  She greeted us as if we had never even met.  This is when we knew something weird was going on, so we just packed our stuff, including Madame Tess' looking glass, and we were on our way.  They invited us to stay a few more days for free and we declined.  It was just weird the way they kind of tried to press us to stay, as if maybe we were going to find ourselves locked in the attic next.  Either way, we were OUTTA THERE!!  
It took a few tries to figure out what this piece is, but in the end we were able to determine that the power in this piece is a very powerful Voodoo power that allows the user to control destiny.  It summons the presence of the original Voodoo Queen, Madame Marie Laveau and the powers that she brings to this piece are absolutely amazing!!  When you hold the jade handle your own energies will be absorbed by the mirror.  It will then show you what your future is going to be like.  You can rearrange and create your own destiny and what you want your future to look like, simply by thinking thought forms to this piece.  It will absorb your thought forms and make it so that this is what your destiny will reflect.  It goes without saying that you can write whatever you want into your future and that you can use this piece again and again to get it right.  
This piece also allows you to do the same thing for others.  You can do this on their behalf and fix their destiny for them.  Or, you can do it discretely, and write whatever destiny you want for them.  Like, maybe you want your ex to go broke or be cursed in love or something.  That's a generic example, but you get the picture.  The catch is, you still need something of their-- either a hair, of and eyelash, or even something they touched-- that way you can allow this piece to absorb their energy.  You will be able to see their future and then create it to be whatever you want it to be.  It's easier if they know about it, because then they can just hold the piece themselves, but if not, I'm sure you can come up with something.  I mean, even come up with a sneaky plan to have them touch the mirror.  Once the mirror has their energies it will never forget.  
In addition to these powers, you will also be able to conjure Marie Laveau with this piece.  Her face will appear to you in the mirror and you can ask her to grant you any Voodoo power that you would like to have and she will give it to you.
This is a very powerful, powerful, piece.  Voodoo has long been a favorite of mine, and I didn't want to get rid of this piece, which is why we had it for so long; but Deedee said it was time... so-- here you go!  

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