Magic Take Flight-  The 3rd Eye Sees All

Magic Take Flight- The 3rd Eye Sees All

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This is the fourth and last in a series of pieces that we call Magic Takes Flight. These pieces are all personally made by us either by using magic transference spells or a magic conjuring spell. We have set them into butterfly pieces because this symbolic of your powers going through a metamorphosis. You will go from being that caterpillar that inches along on the ground, trying to find your way in magic, to transforming into a butterfly where you will spread your wings and your magic will take off like a butterfly in flight after it has completed its transformation. These pieces will make you into magically superior beings capable of the strongest types of magic and the abilities that you will receive in your piece. Each piece holds a different power that will come effortlessly for you to use. There are no rituals and nothing you need to do. Simply owning this piece will be enough to bring that magic to you, allowing to use it at your own free will.

This last piece provides a full awakening of the 3rd Eye. The color of this butterfly is the color that your chakra will be once this piece instills you with its karma and aura cleansing. Once you are cleansed, your 3rd Eye will be fully open and you will be pumped full of cosmic powers that will align your chakras in the perfect positioning to bring you full psychic ability. I'm talking about visions, astral travel, mind control, telekinesis, bi-location, the whole nine yards!! This is a beautiful little piece that holds a phenomenal power. Big things come in small packages!!

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