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This is a product I have been working on for a long time to make sure it was tested with various spirits and magics as well as working properly. I have had a lot of requests for a piece like this and so finally they are finished.

This is a home for all that you need to carry with out looking like a Mr. T. You can have all your magic with you at one time and in one vessel. Many people have asked to send me their items and to have me do it but now you don't have to send your items. I refused to do that anyway.

This consists of a special bag and a ring that you place together in the bag. You just keep doing it until all your pieces are one. The best part is you can keep your originals if anything should happen to the ring I send you.

This works through the magic in the bag and the magical energy of the spirit world and it's cords to this world. That is why it took so long to do these. These are perfect for those who have a lot of items or someone who doesn't want to walk around with a expensive piece and risk losing it. Maybe you have a piece that looks like a woman would wear it but you can't transfer it, now you can.

The only requirement is that you must activate the original vessel if it has to be activated. Done deal! This is easy and takes 1 hour to place the power inside the new vessel. You can always use the original vessel at anytime as well.  What is happening is the power is being duplicated. If your vessels hold spirits then they are called as soon as you wear the vessel I send you. This makes for a win win situation.

While something like this seems easy it is not! It took about three years to figure out the formula for doing this. If you go on the forum and ask around many have wanted something like this but we can't sell something if it won't work, now it does,

The work that went into it was traveling into the spirit realm so that I could pick up that energy and become one of the dead to carry the magic. It wasn't easy but now it is finished.

On top of these being the Magic Vessels they will also charge your items to keep them in tip top shape! These will hold everything from angels to vampires to ancient magic. The supernatural can now just sit on your finger for when you need it.

Please pick your size and style of male or female. These are in sterling.



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