Magical Infusions Bracelet
Magical Infusions Bracelet

Magical Infusions Bracelet

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This piece was made by a witch that we know from Kansas. She moved to PA a few years ago. She makes a lot of pieces that we aren't necessarily interested in, but this one is pretty neat. You will notice that there are four pendants on this piece. Each one holds a magic that she has cast into it.  


The one that says love will obviously grant you just that. It will allow you to find your one true love, to be united with them in this lifetime and the next.  


The other pendant that has the American Flag has been imparted with wealth. In true American fashion, this will bring you wealth in business, while playing the stock market, or in other investments that you have made.  


The third piece is the recycling symbol, which is for soul recycling and rejuvenation. This will bring you youthfulness and vigor. It will allow you to subtract years' worth of aging off of your body. It will also help you increase your beauty/handsomeness if you are looking for that.  


Finally, you have the last pendant that was it was made with infused energies. Spoiler Alert-- this whole piece has been made with an infusion of energy. Doesn't seem like rocket science. However, the energy in the pendant is a cosmic energy that will connect you to the cosmos. It will allow you to summon the power of the cosmic at will-- which includes stellar energy, zodiac energy, and astrological energy.  


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