Mamuna:  Man-Eater, Matchmaker

Mamuna: Man-Eater, Matchmaker

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Unless you are an expert in history or magic and the occult, the Mamuna is probably not ever an entity that you will have come across.  The a very minor deities who serve as female swamp demons.  They are known for being malicious and envious, simply because their circumstances caused them to be miserable while on Earth.  The most prone to joining the ranks of the Mamuna are midwives, old maids, whores who haven't been married, and abandoned children.
The Mamuna are most notorious for appearing as beautiful women to men who are passing by.  They lure these men to their deaths and carry away their soul to be their eternal husbands.  The more husbands a Mamuna has, the more powerful she becomes.  So, men-- if you ever happen to be out in a swamp late a night and hear the soft singing of a lovely maiden-- run.  Run like hell.  Don't be sucked down into the abyss.  If you think paying child support for 18 years is bad, you don't want to have to spend the rest of eternity with these damned souls.  
On the other hand, ladies-- this piece contains the soul of a Mamuna.  If you are struggling to find love, the Mamuna will help you.  All you have to do is imagine the face of the man who you want to be your lover and the Mamuna will get to work.  Even if he was never interested in you before, the Mamuna will visit the man of your dreams, will enter his brain, and will seep her magic into his emotions.  After you give this piece enough time to work, you will be surprised to see the man of your dreams chasing after you, practically begging you to be his.  You should be happy about this, after all, he's everything you've ever wanted!!    

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