Manifested Realilties
Manifested Realilties
Manifested Realilties

Manifested Realilties

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If you have ever wondered if there is life after death, you don't have to wonder anymore.  This piece allows you fully understand the difference between our world and the spiritual realms.  I would say that this piece was given to us, but I don't think that is the correct terminology.  We had to work our butts off for this piece... I mean our literal asses!! We have yet to encounter a spiritual piece that is as powerful as this one.

First things first, I just want to say that I'm not trying to persuade anybody from thinking any different as far as their religion goes.  However, this piece simply offers an alternative understanding of what we already know.  It is the relinquishment of the knowledge that we have hidden deep within us because we have all been created in God's image.  

When God created us, he created us with a certain strand of DNA that was unlike any other animal that he had created.  He gave us logic and reason and actual life. God is the representation of eternal life, a la eternal knowledge.  It says so right in the Bible.  Therefore when we die and we go to the realm of Heaven, we are actually entering one of the spiritual realms-- the spiritual realm of total enlightenment.  When we die and our brains otherwise become unintelligible, it's because we did not live in God's wisdom and light while we were on Earth.  This spiritual realm is called Hell.  It is the spiritual wasteland.  You do NOT want to go there.  

In using a piece that allowed us to now the hidden codex of the Bible, we thoroughly examined the book of Leviticus, which is the book that give precise instructions on how the tabernacle should be built on Earth.  This is because it is meant to mirror the Tabernacle that is in Heaven.  You can think of it as sort of a spiritual respawn point, where humans go to be bathed in the light of the Lord- to obtain this Universal Wisdom and to become Universal Humans.  They are almost like Gods.  Unfortunately humans seldom get it right, because we are simply not on God's level.  

In examining the book of Leviticus, we found the perfect code of sacred numerology that allowed to slip in the spiritual realm of Heaven.  In this otherwises unseen reality.  In Heaven all of the beings have this power that is called Manifestation.  In the physical world we are given what we have to work with.  We have our bodies, we live in houses, we have stores and churches that were built with the things that we found on Earth.  We are surrounded by mountains and trees and fields.  There are plants and animals.  This is all proxy and it will pretty much never ever change.  What we were born into, further generations will be born into and past generations have already been born to.  Outside of industrial and technological changes, this holds to be true.  

In the spiritual world, each individual creates their own heaven-reality.  They Manifest what they believe to be true.  This is done so that way each person can experience bliss and joy according what it means to them.  The only things that stays the say are those things which God has spoken.  His presence stays the same and the only way to bridge the gap between humanity and god is his son, Jesus Christ.  History remains the same, but each person's reality is slightly different.  

When we slipped through the portal, we were fully awaken and we were give full ability to manifest our own Heavenly realities.  Fortunately, when we did, we did not go with empty pockets.  Rather, we had several pieces on us and these pieces also received the magic called Manifestation.  We have tested these pieces extensively and as miraculous as they may seem, the power in them has stood the test of time.  We have held onto these pieces for several years, just because we wanted to make sure that the power in these pieces did not diminish, like they did in our mortal bodies after an extended period of time.  The power never did and now we are offering them to you for a price.  

These pieces, when you wear them, give you the full ability of Heavenly Manifestation.  What this means is that you can project anything from your mind into reality.  If you want to be extremely wealthy, if you want to find true love, if you want to change your circumstances in life, or if you want to add or subtract something about your genetic makeup to give yourself powers and abilities-- all you have to do is project these images from your mind into reality.  The Manifestation will take place and whatever you have thought in your mind will come to be true.  Another example would be if you want to do healing, you project the healing from your mind onto another person or yourself.  You project images of white light protection in time of trouble.  You can project the creation of different types of entities.  I'm telling you-- these pieces are incredible and they are rare.  You are unlikely to find any other pieces that hold this power in the entire world over.  We are the only ones that have them!!  I'm sure they will go fast, so you better make sure you make your move while they are still available.  

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