Many Magic Rooms

Many Magic Rooms

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Many Magic Rooms


We all know that Egyptians were both mysterious and magic. They had ways of concealing things that aren't even imaginable in today's age. This leads to a lot of theories stating the Egyptians either had contact with a smarter alien race or had some form of ancient, yet advanced technology. Either way, it is safe to say that there are many unknown variables when it comes to studying Egyptian culture. It wasn't that big of a shock, then, when a new Egyptian development was unearthed in Qantir, Egypt. 


Qantir, near the Nile River Delta is the home to one of the most mysterious Egyptian Metropolises. The thing is that this metropolis was buried deep beneath the ground. While there is no name for the city, it has proven to be the long lost capitol of Egypt under the rule of Ramses II. It is said that this is the most interesting find in Egyptian establishment ever. It is so huge and so vast that there are simply no words to describe the city. It has a network of winding streets, houses, spacious buildings, and a lake shore. 


The most amazing find during the excavation of the city was, what I am going to refer to as “the Stable.” The Stable, which covers nearly 185,000 square feet hosts six identical rows of halls that are connected to a vast courtyard. Each one of the halls has 12 rooms, that are each 40 feet long. The Stable held anywhere up to 460 horses at maximum capacity. Attached to the Stable are royal chariots and a royal arms factory. Considering the fact that this place is millenniums old, it was a hidden, under-ground city, and it is packed full of Egyptian marvels, this place seems a tad bit... well, ordinary.


With that taken into consideration, the Stable was much more than what archaeologists and historians have taken it for. In fact, it houses the very magic of Ramses II. It is known that Ramses II moved the capitol from Upper Egypt to Lower Egypt because he was fearful of politically powerful priests. However, it wasn't sure exactly why he was so frightened of. Now, I can confidently say that the reason he was so afraid of these priests is because of a plot that they had to steal his ability and his magic. Thus, he stored it up in the most least likely place one could think of... a horse stable. 


The stable holds many magical rooms. This piece will allow you to reach across the astral planes and enter into the kingdom that exists under the grounds of Qatar. Once here, you will be able to see the rooms and magics that they hold. Each room holds a different discovery and empowered ability. You will be able to use this piece to enter these rooms and gain the abilities, which are many magics of Ramses II, Great Pharaoh of Egypt. 


Just so you know how powerful this piece is, I will let you know that I've used this piece personally to travel to the under ground city. While I was there I obtained a piece that was crafted from the bones of Ramses II. This piece allows me to control time, travel back and forth in time, manipulate space-time continuum, and stop time altogether. Deedee gained the extra psychic ability that allowed her to channel the spirits of Nephilim who gave her all of their powers and her own set of spiritual wings. 


You see, the possibilities are endless when you enter the realm of Many Magical Rooms. You should make this piece exclusively yours, before somebody else takes advantage and you can only wonder about what you would've done with the piece. After all, we only have one. 


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