Marida makes a Genie look dumb,paranormal womens 10k gold ring
Marida makes a Genie look dumb,paranormal womens 10k gold ring
Marida makes a Genie look dumb,paranormal womens 10k gold ring

Marida makes a Genie look dumb,paranormal womens 10k gold ring

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 This is the female version and her name is Lillivande and her bottom line is the same,to live on and to serve. This ring is gold and this is for a female.
Djinn of Your Own Design
This is a piece that I received in a dream.  There an investigation involved.  It simply involved me, my slumber, and the spirit of a Marida who had apparently been trying to manifest himself to me for a while.  I guess sometimes things just don’t come at you full force, and to make it known that he was there, he needed to impact me in way that would catch my attention.  Needless to say, his tactics work.  
The night started off and ended up just like any other night; however the interval between beginning and end took a turn for interesting.  As I got myself ready for bed, there was no presence upon me or anything like that.  Nothing hung in the air; and there certainly wasn’t anybody trying to come into contact with me about anything.  As I lay down to sleep and I entered my sleep paralysis stage of R.E.M., I could feel my third eye awaken and knew something was about to happen.  At this point, I just wasn’t sure what.  
In an instant, I found myself on a desert road, wandering aimlessly through what must’ve been miles of barren desert land.  The heat was blistering and my feet burned from the hot sand.  As I climbed a particularly tall sand dune, I couldn’t help but thinking that my entire body was on fired.  Although I knew this was a dream, I couldn’t help but think, to myself, that if I didn’t find water soon that I wasn’t going to make it.  Then, I was blessed with my innermost desire… on the other side of the sand dune, there was a small oasis—only three trees and a small spring, but enough to do the trick.  
As I made my way across the desert land, I began to pick up my pace.  Water was all I could think about.  When I reached the oasis, I dove head first into the spring, which was only about five feet deep.  After I was cool, I got out of the spring.  At the edge, I crouched down to take a drink, and instead of my own reflection, I saw two flaming eyes looking back at me on a face that definitely was not mine.  
It startled me at first, but I’ve become kind of accustomed these strange goings-on.  After a while, I’ve taught myself to just roll with the punches.  There came a breeze from the East, and before I even knew what was happening the wind kicked up into a monstrous roar.  Sand began to sting my skin as a quite the storm brewed off to the East.  In a moment’s time, I saw a tidal wave take form and begin encroaching… probably not good.  
Just as I thought I was about to be eaten up by what seemed like at least a million pounds of sand, the wave just stopped and hovered.  It looked like one of those floating sand bars from the old school Mario Brothers Nintendo games, except it was in real life.   From the fury of the storm, a figure began to take place.  I began wondering what was going to happen this time.  Whatever it was obviously was manipulating the storm.  The figure made its way closer and closer, until it was eventually towering over me.  It must’ve been at least seven feet tall.  It was probably one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen, with long scaly limbs and toenails that looked like they hadn’t seen a salon in at least a decade—or three.  
The creature’s eyes glowed a fiery red color, similar to the man that I had seen looking back at me in the spring.  It was gaunt and skeletal looking, and quite honestly, stank of rotting meat.  I’m pretty used to these things by now, so I just stood there deadlocked with the creature’s eyes.  I spit sand from my mouth and asked the creature what it he wanted.  
Turns out that this creature is a eons-old Marida.  Now, let me explain something to you.  There are several classes of Djinn.  They go like this:
1.)    Jann-  the youngest, least powerful, and usually the weakest class of Djinn
2.)    Djinn-  the most common type of Djinn, which is where the generic term “Djinn” comes from.  They have some power but lack any real organization.
3.)    Shaitan- typically know about seven or eight different types of magic.  They are a stronger form of Djinn and at this stage learn the essentials of shape-shifting, although limited.  
4.)    Afrit- a class of infernal Djinn known for their strength and cunning.  
5.)    Marida-  the granddaddy of them all, he is the most powerful Djinn.  His knowledge of magic is extensive and there are very few crafts that he hasn’t mastered already or cannot master. 
The creature that came to me was a Marida.  He was once a very powerful Marida, in fact, one of the very few who have managed to achieve immortality.  As I watched him, his entire being began to spin fiercely and all of the sand fell backwards from us and to the ground.  When he stopped spinning he was merely a turbaned man nearly my height—the same man I had seen staring me down in the spring.  
Marida explained to me what his intentions were.  He was once a very powerful Djinn, but through the process of achieving immortality had locked his being in some sort of time lapse.  He now needs someone to practice his very powerful magic, as a means of resurrecting his being, so that way he may be manifested through another. 
He gave me this piece and asked me to help him.  He explained to me that this piece will allow its host to create its own powers.  When you use this piece, you will pick up a pen and begin to write.  It will immediately be divined and receive the powers of the Djinn.  Whatever you write with this ink will come true.  If you want to cast a spell… write it.  If you want to alter your destiny or assure success and wealth in your life—write it.  If you are longing for that special love interest or fulfilling sexual encounters— write it!!  Basically, this pen, when mixed with magic from the item that you will wear, holds creationary powers that have been infused into it by the Djinn.  In this manner you can forge your own source of magic and sorcery.  The best news is, that when you run out of ink in that pen, you can simply begin again with a new one!!  Yes this ring is haunted with a Djinn that gives you full magical power!
This is a 14k mens ring in a size 10 with what looks to be a Tiger Eye stone but it also moves,the stone does. It is very odd and unique.

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