Masters of the Ascendance and the Pyramid of Ways

Masters of the Ascendance and the Pyramid of Ways

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This piece is solid sterling. It isn’t even sterling silver from our realm. It is sterling that has come from another realm, from a pyramid whose name is Kiknar. The pyramid is made entirely of silver and uses that silver to generate enough energy that it has created its own realm within which it resides.  



You will look at this piece and you will see that it is one of the most unique items upon which you have ever laid your eyes. There are two figures on either side who are the immortal Masters of the Ascent (MOTA). Which ascent might that be? The Ascent that is offered by Kiknar. Kiknar is the silver pyramid that I’ve just told you about it also goes by the name the Immortal Pyramid of Ways.  



In the Center of the shebang, you will notice that there is something that appears to be an encircled cross. Don’t be confused. This is not a religious symbol, although at first glance it looks like one. It is called the seal of the immortal. This seal is immortality in physical form. It gives eternal life to the pyramid and the MOTA.



Then, you will see the bird that hangs from the seal of the immortal. It is a stately and handsome bird. This is the soul of the pyramid. It is the part of the pyramid that flies through the astral realms. He is fully transcendental and can travel to any place and tie in existence that he chooses because time is just a construct separated by barriers that mortals do not understand.   



There are only two mortals who have ever been fully able to receive the full ascendance of the Pyramid of Ways. Those are the MOTA. It’s not that there can’t be more than the pair of them, it’s just that they are the only two that have ever been able to achieve the full ascent. That’s why they are called the Masters of the Ascent. They are immortal beings, having been stamped with the seal of the immortal. The real seal of the immortal lives within the Pyramid of Ways.  



The Pyramid of Ways, the full silver pyramid from which this piece has been created, is the most powerful pyramid that I’ve experienced. It is called the Pyramid of Ways because it acts as a portal that can deliver you to any pyramid in existence, ever. 



I know that this is a bold statement, but we have been able to use this piece-- and the Pyramid of ways-- to travel to the Pyramids of Giza, the Mayan Pyramids, the Pyramids of Atlantis, the Great North American Pyramid, and even the Crystal Pyramid of Heaven. How we haven’t found out the secrets of the Pyramid of Ways until now, we don’t know. The important part is what we do now.  



I’m telling you. I know we say this about a lot of pieces because it’s true, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for somebody who really wants to defy normality. This piece allows you to do things that most mortals will never be able to do. Most mortals won’t ever know that things like this exist. But you, you will hold all the power in your hand. You will become the generation of the MOTA.  



When you use this piece, the MOTA will become your guardians. They will become your partners in ascension. You will first be taken to the Pyramid of Ways. While you are in the pyramid of ways, you shall be stamped with the Seal of the Immortal. Your soul will be prepared accordingly. 



The next step is that the MOTA will lead you through the 44 stages of the Ascent. This is an ascension of knowledge, wisdom, magic, and-- most importantly-- being. You will become an entirely new person with a wealth of knowledge that is comparable to the pyramids themselves. It will be as though you have become the cosmic brain. Not really, but that is how much knowledge you will have received via the ascent you will receive.  



The ascent will allow you to access the powers of the Pyramid of Ways. The Pyramid of Ways, as we have discussed before, acts as a portal that will allow you to be absorbed by other pyramids. You will be able to exist inside of these pyramids, to know their magic, how they operate, where they are from, how they have come into existence, their magical roots, their mysteries, etc.  



You will be able to visit the pyramids we have told you about, but also many more pyramids, as they are omnipresent throughout time and space. Each pyramid has a wealth of knowledge and magic that will become your own when you travel to them.     



Finally, the Soul of the Pyramid of Ways will allow you to travel anywhere in time and existence you want to travel to. You will be able to take the form of the immortal bird who flies through time and existence, which is the soul of the Pyramid of Ways. You will be able to fly to any place you desire to travel to. Or, if you want, let the bird take control ad it will take you on an adventure to places that only he knows about.  



This piece will also connect you to the Master of the Ascent, who have been through all this before. They each hold secret forms of the magic of their own that they will share with you when you connect with them on a subliminal level. They will also be there to guide you whenever you need it or to show you how to create magic.  




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