Mayan Death Pit

Mayan Death Pit

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These polished stones set in sterling silver may look like an everyday gorgeous ensemble. While I agree that they do look dazzling and they have character, this piece is far from average. In fact, the origins of this story date back to a time and place from which very little is actually recorded. We all know that the Mayan Civilization is shrouded in mystery. However, there are entire segments of the Mayan culture that have even been discovered yet. The history in this piece proves it because I'm pretty sure that this is the first time that you will be hearing about the Mayan Death Pits. Before our investigation, we had no clue the existed either.

The Mayan Death pits are the places where the bodies of those who were being sacrificed would end up after the sacrifice was over. It was the soul that was sacrificed to the gods, not the body. After the soul was gone, the body was believed to have been nothing but an empty shell, a mere carcass. However, this was not the case. You see, the Mayans picked out very special individuals to represent their people during a sacrifice. It might seem very masochistic, but the people who were being sacrificed (most of the time) wanted to be sacrificed. It was seen as an honor and a blessing to be selected as a sacrifice, as bittersweet as it may have been for the family.

The bodies that filled the death pits were far from empty vessels, though. As I have already told you, the people that were chosen for the sacrifice were very special individuals. They were people of a honed craft and many, if not all, of them, possessed specialized powers. These powers varied on an individual basis, but essentially the Mayan Death Pits became a place where powers abounded due to the simple fact that the bodies that were discarded into them held residual powers. Precious stones and other artifacts were thrown into the pits as a way to honor the deceased and the residual energies that I speak of ended up seeping from the bodies, as they deteriorated into stones, precious metals, and other vessels that would eventually become theirs forever home.

During our investigation into the Death Pits, we confiscated several of the stones that we found there. We brought them back, worked with each one individually and then had them sanded down, polished, shaped, and made into this piece. Each of the stone represents a different sacrificed soul. Ergo, each stone is a different power that you will get. So, without delaying any longer, I'm just going to jump into which stone will give you which power. Here they are.

I will be starting with the first stone on the right of the clasp and working my way clockwise.

1. This stone holds etheric and white light protection from all thing associated with evil.

2.) This stone holds the ability to contact the dead. This happens through both telepathic communication and spiritual apparition.

3.) This stone holds ancient wealth spell that will open up the door to wealth and it will come flooding into your life.

4.) This stone holds celestial magic and the ability to harvest the magic of the stars.

5.) This stone hold beautification. This can be used by men or woman and you will appear more beautiful and desirable to those around you.

6.) This stone holds water magic and the ability to heal all spiritual maladies of the soul.

7.) This stone holds the blood magic of all those who have been sacrificed. You can use it when doing blood rituals or summoning certain types of entities such as vampires.

8.) This stone holds elemental magic and gives you the ability to cast spells using the powers of the elements that surround you.

9.) This stone holds the power of astral travel and the ability to travel anywhere in the astral planes.

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