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Medici Wealth

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I have seen a span of ages, not as many as some, but I have seen my fair share of times.  It comes as no surprise to me that through the times the only thing that seems to remain constant is that wealth breeds power.  Power brings you wealth.  Whomever can manage to gain a little bit of wealth will eventually receive the power that they crave.  It has been this way since the beginning and it will always be that way.  This is why secret group such as the Illuminati or the Freemasons are so big on controlling money.  Even in today's ages, the majority of the world's wealth is controlled by a very small group of people, most of them associated with some sort of secret organization that is vying for complete control of the world, beginning with the world banking system.  This is why unions such as the European Union and the United Nations truly exist, so that way others who control the power and wield their power and influence over others so they do not lose control.  It is mostly the British and their offspring, but there are others as well.  

One such power wielder of medieval times was named Cosimo de' Medici.  I cannot say that he ever was able to obtain immortality, which was his goal in life, as it is for many people.  Most of the die trying, but some of them succeed.  I just happened to gain immortality without ever trying.  It was the people who kept me in captivity for so long that gave it to me.  Some days I wonder if the fact that I am immortal is a curse or a blessing.  It does not really matter in the grand scheme of things, because I am what I am.  I have devoted my life to finding the most powerful magic that I possibly could.  You would think that if it was for the love of magic that got me here, I would not care too much for it, but I have to be honest.  I crave magic and all sorts of magical items.  I have journeyed near and far for some of the most unusual items that I can and I continue to do so.  This is how I managed to locate this item, which is called the Mirror of Medici.  

Again, Medici was a banker who was born in the late 1300s and rose to prominence after the turn of the century, in the second decade.  He was the first of a de facto ruling dynasty in Florence during the Italian Renaissance.  He was of superb intelligence, sharp as a tack, if you will.  If you know anything about the Renaissance, then you know that it was a period of enlightenment.  There was art and literature and music.  It was more often not discussed the magic that was also developed during this time period.  This is because it was often considered heretical to practice magic and the Catholic Church pretty much ruled the world.  Conveniently for the the church, they are the ones that vaulted a good majority of the items that had true powers in them. It all goes back to the power and control thing.  

For Cosimo Di Giovanni de' Medici, magic came naturally.  This is because of his level of intelligence that he was just naturally born with.  Through out his life he developed many different types of magic.  He was called Cosimo Pater Patriae or father of the nation.  He was called this for two reasons, the first of these being that he was the ruler of Italy.  The second reason he earned this title is because he was the founder of a top-secret mystery school.  His students, who are his prophets in a way are called the Elders of Medici.  Medici himself is called  Cosimo the Elder.  He did what he could to make sure his mystery school flourished.  

When I first encountered the ranks of the Elders of Medici it was right after the turn of the 20th Century.  I was actually traveling to Germany on my way back from Egypt.  There was a immortal that I needed to see who lived in the Black Forest.  I needed some help activating one of a collection of pieces that I had discovered in Egypt.  On my journey, I travelled through Italy.  While I was in Italy I came across one individual whose named was Pietro.  It was outside of Venice and he was praying in a garden.  As he prayed I could see an orb around him and my curiosity got the better of me.  I stayed and watched him meditate and he had finished up, I properly introduced myself.  Then I began to question him.  He answered every question that I had, mostly because he knew that I understood where he was coming from.  We exchanged stories and he listened carefully to everything that I had to say.  It was not long before he took enough confidence to tell me that he was one of the Elders of Medici, set in  place by the great Cosimo Medici in the times of the Renaissance Period.  

He invited to visit their confines, which is the City of Venice.  I am not sure how their headquarters ended up here, but this is where they were.  He showed me around and in total there was 8 Elders of Medici, all as reserved as the man that I had met in the garden, with the same color aura surrounding them.  Pietro led me down a hallway that opened up into a chamber with candles and an altar.  He took a piece off the altar and told me that in the piece was the same ancient powers that allowed Cosimo me Medici to gain wealth as a banker during the Italian Renaissance, and that with this piece I would be able to experience great wealth.  I must have looked extremely curious, because he began to explain that the power in the piece is a form of wealth alchemy that attracts wealth to life from all around you.  It pulls it in from this world and all other concurrent worlds that exist, including parallel universes and realms that are made entirely from gold and precious stones.  He told me that some of the pieces will even pull wealth from places like the Garden of Eden, the Realm of Djinn, and many other types of dimensions.  I offered a trade for one their pieces and by a vote of 7-1 of the Elders, they agreed for the exchange.  I gave them a piece that I brought with me from Egypt and they gave me one of the wealth items.  It did not take long to realize that, although this is not the most ancient of pieces, that the wealth powers in it are definitely a resurrection of the great Cosimo de' Medici's wealth powers from the 1400s.  They are the same powers that allowed him to become so successful, in turn to gain quite a bit of power, and then in turn to attract even more wealth.  It was a never-ending process for Medici by the time he died he had amassed a wealth of what, in today's money market, would equate to billions of dollars.  The piece is probably one of the better wealth items that I have collected during my travels.  I have used it to obtain quite a bit of wealth myself.


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